Lumen slaps on detailed food log to metabolic analyser’s iOS app

The Lumen metabolic tracker is benefitting from an update which slaps on a detailed food log to the iOS app.

This means users can now use the software platform to keep tabs on the nutritional value and macro nutrients of individual foods and meals. This includes info on volumes of fats, carbs and protein.

The app already spits out food recommendations, alongside a wealth of other information. With this update users will have an easier job figuring out the impact of their nutrition choices on their metabolism.

The metabolic food log helps you make healthy choices by adding the following functionality.

  • Ability to log food, ingredients and see how they impact your metabolism in real time;
  • You are able to scan food labels at the grocery store or barcodes to see the nutritional value;
  • The log measures the impact of every breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack;
  • It helps you see how foods impact exercise sleep and fasting habits;
  • Logging and tracking the nutritional value of foods is more useful than simply counting calories;
  • The app allows you to integrate with other platforms such as MyFitnessPal.

This is a useful update to a unique device. Lumen wants to reinvent weight management by monitoring your metabolism and providing a customised nutrition plan. And it does all this by measuring the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in your breath. There are peer-reviewed scientific studies that vouch for its accuracy, too.

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The device was first launched on Indiegogo back in 2018, but is now available to all. I reviewed it a few months ago and have been using it since.

In less than a minute Lumen can measure what you are using for energy. It captures readings on the CO2 production in your breath to work out how much energy is currently being burned from carbohydrates and how much from fat. This varies from day to day, and during the day depending what you eat, how much you’ve slept, how much you’ve exercised and more.

The info allows you to see what’s going on with your body in real-time. You can use the gizmo each morning to receive direction on how yesterday’s meals and activity are affecting your metabolism. And during the day, after meals, exercise and before sleep.

CO2 measurements of your breath are only one part of the package. Lumen doesn’t only tell you what you are burning for fuel and how efficient your body is at that. It also tells you what and when to eat. And that part takes dedication if you want to make most use of the platform. This newly introduced metabolic food log should help with this.

I would recommend Lumen to those want to add a scientific element to their workouts. As well to those who want to use it as an aid for weight loss. Check out my full review on this link.

You can get 10% off Lumen by clicking on this link. Just make sure to use the code Gadgets10 at checkout.

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