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Which smart scales are compatible with Fitbit?

Whichever Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch you own, you will be using the same software ecosystem. If you’re out to purchase a smart scale you may be wondering which smart scales are compatible with Fitbit. After all, you do not want to be manually entering your data. That would defeat the purpose of owning a smart scale.

Go for a Fitbit scale

Of course, the easy answer to this question is to go out and purchase a Fitbit scale. That is also probably the best answer as you will have no worries on how the scale will integrate with your other devices. They are designed to play nice.

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The company has three such products on offer. The first generation Aria was released back in 2012. Then we had the second generation which improves on the original by adding the ability to track lean mass in addition to weight, BMI, body fat percentage. The design has also been upgraded. If you are in two minds between these – we suggest going for the new version.

More recently, the San Francisco wearables manufacturer came out with Fitbit Aria Air. Think of it as the budget version of Aria 2. It has the basics, meaning the scale will keep tabs on your weight and body mass index. But that’s it. If you are looking for a no-nonsense option this is the one to go for. It retails at less than half the price of the fully featured Aria 2.

Which non-Fitbit scales will work with Fitbit?

Only a Fitbit product can be directly connected to your Fitbit account. And the company’s scales are fine and will do the job perfectly well. But there are better options out there.

Withings scales

Probably, the leader of the pack are scales manufactured and sold by French-based Withings. Some of their products add a whole other dimension to weight tracking.

For example, the Withings Cardio scale slaps on a metric called Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV). Step on the gizmo in the morning and you’ll get a mini heart assesment. The scale measures arterial stiffness by calculating the time it takes for the pressure wave generated by the heart to travel along the arterial tree and reach your feet. And than based on that, it calculates your Vascular Age.

If you thought that was impressive, in the second half of 2022 Withings is coming out with an even more advanced scale. This one will be able to assess nerve activity, detect Afib and monitor segmental body composition.

You’ll be glad to know that all Withings scales are compatible with the Fitbit app. Simply visit and chose “Start the Withings Connection Wizard”. Then follow the instructions to connect your Fitbit and Withings accounts. From that point on, your Withings scale, through your Withings account will sync to your Fitbit account via WiFi each time you step on it.

Other brands offer budget options

There are other manufacturer’s scales that will work as well. Check on Amazon and you’ll see lots of budget scales. Some that have been reported to integrate with Fitbit on the company’s forums and Reddit include the Weight Gurus Wi-Fi scale, BodySense Smart scale and Renpho scale. But currently, there is no integration with Xiaomi, iHealth or Garmin scales.

If you have a non-compatible scale you can try This has the ability to connect many apps that do not want to talk together. You’ll just need to turn on Applets to sync your fitness data with other services.

An easier option is to give Weemple WeightNet ( a try. This is a free realtime web interface to sync your weight data from various devices to Fitbit. According to the website it allows you to link readings from Garmin, Under Armour and Withings scales to your Fitbit account. This also allows you to sync readings to Google Fit and Strava.

Yet another option is to link your Fitbit account to MyFitnessPal or Runkeeper. These third party apps collect data from connected devices – and the link between Fitbit and these syncs the data to your account.

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