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Xiaomi re-brands Mi Fit to Zepp Life, Xiaomi Wear app to Mi Fitness

Xiaomi has just gone through a slight rebranding exercise. It has renamed the Mi Fit app to Zepp Life, and has changed name of the Xiaomi Wear app to Mi Fitness. So don’t be surprised if you see the apps with the original names suddenly disappear from your mobile! The new monikers are only visible on the Google Play Store for now. Presumably, an iOS update should come through in the near future.

Mi Fit is the default app for Xiaomi’s most popular activity tracker – the Mi Band. It works with all generations of this device including some Xiaomi watches. You can also pair Amazfit devices with it along with Xiaomi-made smart scales and a number of other gadgets. The software keeps tabs on your activity, analyses sleep, and evaluates your workouts. The aim is to help you build a healthier daily routine.

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The company has not revealed the reasons for this change. Interestingly, this brings the naming convention of the Mi Fit app closer to Huami’s Zepp app. The latter is the official software for Amazfit branded products (which belong to Huami, aka. Zepp Health). But the choice of name should not come as too much of a surprise. After all, Huami is the manufacturer of Xiaomi Mi Bands. It looks to be a gradual unification of the software between the two companies.

For now, the change in name has only come through to the Google Play Store. An iOS update is likely to land soon.

Zepp Life app

The Chinese tech giant has also taken this opportunity to do a similar exercise with its Xiaomi Wear app. It is now known as Mi Fitness. This software is not nearly as popular as Zepp Life (formerly Mi Fit), but it does represent an alternative which works with many of the same devices. Also, it is compatible with a wider range of Xiaomi products including Xiaomi electric treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals.

Mi Fitness app

The changes are live now on the Google Play Store. But this may be region-dependent. So if you are not seeing these updates on your Android smartphone just yet, they should arrive soon.

Zepp Life debuts with version 5.6.0 and Mi Fitness with version 3.1.3. The latest software refresh also introduces a slight graphic revamp. And, of course, you will not lose any data. These are the exact same apps – but with different names.

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  • Zepp Life is a truly ridiculous name. Just makes me think of Zeppelin and we all know what happened to those lead balloons.

  • Zepp Life? Drunken debauchery, drug taking, throwing TVs out of windows – darn it I can’t find any of those on my activity list!

  • I prefer mi fit app than this ridiculous new name “zepp life” . The new logo also ugly. Mi app much more better from the name n logo. Ughh.


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