Polar teases live stream of product launch event on April 13th

Polar has teased via social media a product launch event for April 13th. The motto is “A new running experience is coming”. Those interested can watch a live stream on the day.

The company has set up a dedicated page on its website to showcase the virtual gathering. Accompanying this is a 1 minute 24 second trailer which you can watch (link below the article).

We can save you some time. The clip does not reveal very much on the upcoming launch. It is just a general video detailing the various reasons and ways people choose to run. It concludes with the words – “Which type of runner are you? Find out in April 2022”.

A hardware announcement, software announcement – or both?

The whole thing reminds a bit of Garmin which teased a running-theme unveiling a few weeks ago. In the end this turned out to be nothing more than a promotion of its running themed Instagram account. Most were hoping it would be a hardware or a software related announcement.

We don’t expect to be hyped up for nothing this time around. Polar has clearly stated it will be launching actual “products” on the day. It has not stated what exactly this will be but it is reasonable to expect a running watch or other running-themed smart gear. If we see a watch, will it have new optical sensors? More measurements and analytics?

Speculation is that we could also see software updates. In Polar Flow a new feature has popped up called Walking Test. It is still not available for use but this seems to be functionality which will land soon. What exactly this will be remains unclear.

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New trademarks have passed through EUIPO recently for something called Polar FitFlex and Polar Pacer. One or both of these could be hardware or perhaps one is software the other a device. Only Polar knows for sure currently.

When, how, where to watch

Anyone can watch the live launch event on April 13th 2022 and 12 o’clock (GMT+3). A Youtube placeholder has been set up on Polar’s account so make sure to open this and click on the option to be reminded ahead of launch.

What is interesting is that Polar did not hold a public live stream when launching the slightly beefier version of Grit X called Grit X Pro or the mid-range Vantage M2. We have to go back to the introduction of Vantage V2 for the last time this happened. Let’s hope this is an indicator the upcoming announcements are bigger jumps in term of innovation?

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