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List of upcoming Garmin devices breaks cover: Forerunner 955, 255s, Vivosmart 5, Venu Sq 2

A Garmin authorised local market distributor has revealed a bunch of unreleased devices on its warranty information. This gives us a glimpse as to what to expect in the near future. The list includes Vivosmart 5, Forerunner 255 and 255s, Forerunner 955, Venu Sq 2, Vivomove Trend, Austin and Instinct Analog.

As one of the most popular sports watch makers in the world, upcoming Garmin devices typically generate lots of press speculation and reader interest. Prior to release, there are usually one or two leaks. On occasion we do get some retailers that jump the gun. Sometimes insiders provide insights.

With so many potential sources of information, it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to keep future products secretive. Apple seems to be the best at keeping things under wraps. Other companies, not so much. Do an internet search and you’ll find lots of info on upcoming Fitbit, Samsung and other wearables.

There have already been some leaks

As far as Garmin, a big leak appeared for the yet-to-be released Vivosmart 5. Its Federal Communications Commission (FCC) confidentiality clause ran out earlier this month revealing crude pics and the user manual for the upcoming device. That was followed by lots of high-res images of the fitness tracker posted by a German news site. It is now pretty much a certainty we will be seeing the Vivosmart 5 in the coming days or weeks.

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Another device which seems to be about to drop in the near future is the Forerunner 955. No surprise there as it is well due for an upgrade. A Swedish retailer revealed that the timepiece will come in a regular and solar variant. Not much else could be gathered from the listing beyond that, and there were no pictures posted. The retailer has since pulled the entry but it can be found by going into the Google archive.

But what about other Garmin watches and fitness trackers that might be released later this year? Lots of guesswork around and rumours but no concrete information. Until now.

We dug up some clues from a Garmin authorised distributor in one of the local markets. They list Garmin devices eligible for warranty. And guess what? A bunch of names appear there for Garmin-made products that are yet to be unveiled. They are sitting next to the current lineup, for all to see.

Garmin Forerunner 255, 255s, Venu Sq 2, vivomove Trend, Austin, Instinct Analog confirmed

For starters, the warranty information confirms that we will be getting the Garmin Vivosmart 5 and Forerunner 955. Interestingly, it does not list the solar variant of Forerunner 955. Make of that what you will. Perhaps we will see the 955 initially, to be followed at a later stage by a solar variant of the same.

Garmin Forerunner 955

The local distributor also lists a few other names. Some we’ve never heard of before.

Two further watches in the Forerunner series will be released soon including the Garmin Forerunner 255 and Forerunner 255s. So the first will be an upgraded variant of the 245, the second the same only in a smaller case. No other new Forerunner watches are mentioned.

Then we have a Garmin Venu Sq 2 listing. We saw the release of Venu 2 a while back and Venu 2 Plus at the start of 2022. Its square brother is about to get a second generation release, too.

Interestingly, no mention of a Vivoactive 5. We were under the impression that one might be unveiled in 2022, but it seems not. Some are speculating that Garmin might kill that line in favour of Venu. This would add credence to that rumour.

Venu Sq 2

Moving quickly on and the next mention is vivomove Trend. That one is another new name. So far Garmin has released vivomove Luxe and vivomove sport and a few other watches in the series. It seems it is planning another iteration in the line.

Vivomove trend

Other devices we noticed that we’ve not heard of before include Instinct Analog and Garmin Austin. The latter, in particular, is something that piques our interest. It is listed as an outdoors watch along with the Fenix, Tactix and Instinct range. Perhaps it is another name for Epix 2, which is not listed.

For info, there’s also mention of a next generation in the Marq line. The full range is getting an upgrade.

Garmin Austin

2022 will be a busy year for Garmin

Of course, this is all unconfirmed for now as Garmin has not announced anything official just yet. However, considering this comes from the warranty information of an authorised Garmin local distributor, it leaves us with little doubt as to its authenticity. As far as specs of upcoming devices, that’s anyone’s guess at this stage.

But all of this leads to the conclusion that we will see a bunch of further Garmin releases later this year. It will make a nice change from 2021 when only a handful of devices dropped.

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