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Wyze Scale X is capable of tracking 13 different body metrics

Wyze has released another smart scale. The low cost device is capable of tracking 13 different body metrics and comes with special Baby, Pet and Luggage modes.

The company is a recent entrant in the health and fitness tech space. It has a range of devices but seems to be spending most time on dishing out smart scales.

The last one in its arsenal is Scale S. For just $15 you can have one of these sitting on your bathroom floor. Released late last year it tracks a bunch of metrics and shows it all on a bright 3.5 inch LED.

Now we are getting the most expensive scale in its lineup. Mind you, Wyze Scale X will not break the bank. It retails for $33 so is also very budget-friendly.

For that you get something with the ability to monitor 13 different body metrics for up to 8 people. The 4 independent leg sensors measure: Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Heart Rate, Lean Body Mass, BMI, Muscle Mass, Muscle Mass %, Visceral Fat, Basal Metabolic Rate, Bone Mass, Metabolic Age, Protein and Body Water Percentage.

Apart from weight, the majority of these will be broad estimates. We are very sceptical of most scales ability to track much beyond weight. It’s hit and miss at the best of times, as these readings can fluctuate a lot from day to day.

But other, more useful, functionality comes in the form of Baby, Pet, and Luggage modes. These should make taking these types of measurements easier.

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Another interesting addition is a Pregnancy Mode. What this does is it disables the bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) that the scale uses to estimate your body composition. This is functionality that works by sending a weak electrical current across your body. Disabling the mode is essentially a safety feature. It also works for those with implanted medical devices such pacemakers. They might want to enable this mode and rely purely on weight measurements.

Wyze Scale X
Image source: Wyze

The scale itself is square in shape and comes with Tempered Glass and ITO Electrode Coating. It measures 11.8 in x 11.8 in x 1.18 in and weighs around 1.8 kilograms.

The whole thing is powered by 4 x 1.5V AAA Batteries. This allows for 22 months of battery life which is a nice upgrade up from 18 months with the original Wyze Scale.

Of course there’s an LCD on-board which you can use to review your stats. This is in combination with the smartphone app which communicates with the scale via Bluetooth. The app has more details, trends and insights. It also plays nice and has integration capability with apps such as Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.

Wyze Scale X is available from today for $33.99 on the manufacturer’s website (check availability on Amazon). It comes in a choice between Black and White colours.

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