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Garmin watches we expect to see later in 2022

Garmin has had a busy first half of 2022 and this is set to continue. In this article we list a bunch of watches that are likely to drop in the months ahead.

Much of this information is based on leaked information we came across earlier this year from warranty information of an authorised local distributor of Garmin products. The only other detail about the source that we will reveal is that they are located in one of the smaller regional markets. Final caveat – all we have to go by are the names of the upcoming devices – so the specs are anyone’s guess at this stage.

A busy few months

The fun started in January when Venu 2 Plus, Fenix 7 and Epix 2 dropped. February was only slightly less busy with the release of Instinct 2 and Descent G1. Further wearable drops came in the form of the D2 Mach 1 in March and Tactix 7 in early April.

Then Vivosmart 5 landed. It received a mixed reception. Although the wearable packs a bigger display than its predecessor, there are few other improvements. Not even built-in GPS.

Which leads to the conclusion that Garmin may be shifting its focus away from fitness bands to the more lucrative sports watch space and wellness watch space. That shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise. Smartwatches and sports watches are higher growth categories than fitness bands. Competition is going to come from all sides and Garmin will continue to set its sights high.

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The most recent sports watch additions came in the form of the Forerunner 255 and 955. Both devices were much anticipated. The first is an update of Garmin’s popular running watch. The second is a multi-use device.

The headline grabbing upgrades were mostly to do with recovery metrics. Garmin introduced a bunch of them including HRV Status and Training Readiness. Also, there is the addition of support of native running power. Not quite the solution most were hoping for as it requires you to have the Dynamics pod or one of the company’s heart rate chest straps. But progress, nevertheless. Now these features are making their way over to Fenix 7 and Epix 2.

We expect the second half of 2022 to be just as busy as the start. This is very much unlike 2021 when we only saw a handful of releases. But that year was not typical due to the Coronavirus effects, energy crisis in some Asian countries and chip shortages.

Garmin watches to come later in 2022

We list below Garmin watches that have a good chance of landing in the coming months. The launch window is between now and early November. After that it doesn’t make sense to release any new watches as holiday sales will already have begun. A great opportunity is IFA in Berlin. Europe’s largest tech gathering, which occurs in the first week of September, has served as a springboard for Garmin launches in prior years.

Garmin Vivomove Trend

We’ve got Vivomove 3, vivomove sport, vivomove Luxe and a few other iterations in this series. According to the local authorised dealer listing, the next one to drop will be called vivomove Trend.

An interesting choice of name. This sounds like it will be a device with some new design enhancements. Garmin has Lily Classic and Sport as devices solely designed for women. Could this be a vivomove designed especially for women?

Garmin Venu Sq 2 (but no Vivoactive 5)

Something that might come as a disappointment to a number of you – Vivoactive 5 is not on the list. We did a separate piece on why this might be the case.

Garmin seems to be pushing the Venu range of late. This is essentially the same device as Vivoactive but with a fancy AMOLED display. The device belongs in the all-purpose smartwatch category. If you’re competing against Apple, something with a high-res AMOLED display is always going to be the way to go.

Venu Sq is the lower spec square brother of Venu – a general fitness device that does a bit of everything. Well, it appears that the watch will get a successor in the coming months. It will be called Venu Sq 2. A barometric altimeter for floor count and longer battery life would be a nice start as far as improvements.

We suspect we have already spotted this timepiece in a recent FCC listing. What leads us to this conclusion is label information which is square in shape. Garmin does not have very many square shaped watches. There is a model without WiFi that is listed. That one would be the base version. The model with WiFi would be the Music version.

Garmin Instinct Analog

Instinct Analog is another watch we are expecting in the second half of 2022. That sounds like a hybrid watch – and Garmin already has experience in this area. But a hybrid Instinct would have an audience. It certainly sounds intriguing. Watch this space if you’re a fan of outdoor, rugged watches.

Garmin Austin

Now this one is a complete mystery. On the warranty information it is listed right between the Garmin Fenix range and Tactix range. A new outdoors watch? A new take on the Epix 2? An outdoors watch specifically designed for women?

MARQ II series

Garmin’s collection of luxury sports watches – the MARQ series – is also due for an upgrade in 2022. The devices that are listed in the MARQ II series include Aviator, Captain, Golfer, Adventurer and Athlete. The only omission from the first generation is Driver. Perhaps that one will also drop but at a later stage.

Garmin Descent S1

Rounding off this list is Garmin Descent S1. We already saw one divers watch this year that came in the form of the Descent G1. Arriving in a solar option, Descent G1 has useful functions both in and out of water. Compared with the previous generation, Descent G1 is nearly half the price.

Garmin has achieved some of the saving by opting for a Fiber-reinforced polymer bezel instead of a steel one, along with a Monochrome MIP display. Perhaps the Descent S1 will be the fancier (and pricer) version of the same?

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15 thoughts on “Garmin watches we expect to see later in 2022

  • Hi. Do you think the Garmin 955 will come with the Multi-band GPS which only comes with the Sapphire editions of the Fenix 7, or with the more basic Multi-GNSS of the other Fenix 7 devices

    • Epix 2 has multi – band frequency

    • It’s a shame that most of the Garmin D2 Mach 1 weather functions are limited to the US only, be nice to see an update to allow world wide coverage considering the cost if this watch. Do Garmin only think that these watches need all the functions for pilots in the US? It’s an expensive watch for what it is if you live anywhere other than the States.

  • My forerunner 945 battery is just draining out in matters of hours only 3 years after I bought it… Reached out to technical support, cannot repair need to replace! That is 140 USD for that… The customer service rep was telling me, that’s it that Garmin’s stance… Outrageous… Truly disappointed after being a supporter of the brand, no way I will buy a Garmin again…

    • Try a full reset back to factory default

    • After 3 years that’s acceptable. Even larger devices like iPhones don’t retain battery after that time.

    • Go for the COROS (APEX PRO 2),
      my friend!
      I used to be a BIG fan of Garmin for 10 plus years….NOT ANYMORE
      (and I found that COROS is a perfect replacement for me as a triathlete)
      Cheers 👍🏽

  • Sounds like a good deal to me. I only expect 3 years out of my watch or phone.

  • I would love to see an upgrade for the Marq series. I have the Marq expedition & the epix 2. I like the quality of the Marq but love the screen & features of the Epix

  • Any thoughts on whether Garmin might include an Audible integration to any of their watches to listen to books without your phone?

  • No sign of a successor for the S62 golf watch which has been out for a couple years?

    • The golf devices that are listed include: S60, S62, Z82, Z20, Z10 and R50.

      • That wasn’t the question as current devices are east to identify – the question is about the next version of golf watch so not the ones listed i.e. when does the S62 get replaced. The S62 is pretty aged now so I would expect a successor to come out with a new designation. The ones that have come out this year are lower end versions of golf watch. I wouldn’t spend the thick end of £400 on the S62 golf watch when it is nearly 3 years old.

  • I want to purchase a new Garmin marq golf watch. But im hesitant because of possible new model coming out this year.. can anyone confirm that I should wait??thanks.

    • I think MARQ II Golfer is due out soon. At least according to the distributor list referred to in this article.


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