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Garmin Morning Report explained

The revamped Morning Report has arrived recently to a bunch of Garmin Forerunner watches. Other devices will get the feature soon. Here’s everything you need to know.

Garmin Morning report – what is it?

The Morning Report has been around since the launch of Garmin Lily back in January 2021. The feature basically pops up on your watch when you wake up, helping you prepare for the day.

On Lily, the Morning Report spits out information on the weather forecast, suggestions based on your Body Battery level, step goal and step streak, menstrual cycle / pregnancy stages (if enabled) and daily events. All of these are useful health and organisational tools. After touching the watch when you wake up, it will automatically scroll through these items.

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Garmin has obviously been testing the waters on the Lily watch as the Morning Report has received a revamp and boost with the launch of the latest generation of Forerunner watches. On these timepieces the feature is much more capable. The basic functionality is the same, but now the device provides more important information.

The rest of this article is about the revamped version – we like to call it Morning Report 2.0.

Which Garmin watches have the new Morning Report?

As mentioned, Garmin Lily was the first watch to receive the Morning Report, albeit in a simplified form. This was followed by the Forerunner 255 and 955. They have the expanded version.

At the time of writing, these watches are the only ones with the feature. However, it is expected that other Garmin timepieces will get the functionality soon. Namely, the Fenix 7 range, Epix 2, Forerunner 945 LTE and perhaps a few more such as the Fenix 6 line.

These watches are already starting to get other new functionality launched on the 255 and 955 such as Training Readiness, HRV Status and support for native running power. At the moment all of this is still in Beta. We are expecting the software to go to public release in a month or so.

How to use the Garmin Morning Report

On watches where it is available, the Morning Report is enabled by default. But you do have the option in the settings to switch it off.

When you wake up in the morning you don’t need to press any buttons. The report will greet you with a “Good Morning” message. The timing of the feature is set up to 1 hour before and after your pre-defined sleep wake-up window that you have set up in Garmin Connect.

Press the down button and this will take you to a prompt asking if you would like to end your nightly sleep session. If you confirm, your watch will begin to show your Morning Report.

The report is capable of showing you 10 kinds of information. This includes:

  1. Training Readiness
  2. Workout, i.e. Garmin’s daily training recommendations
  3. Sleep Score (you need at least 3 hours of sleep for the watch to calculate a Sleep Score)
  4. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Status – average of the past 7 days
  5. Body Battery
  6. Weather – daily, weekly, probability of rainfall, Dew point humidity, UV index
  7. Calendar – content of the calendar from your phone
  8. Intensity Minutes
  9. Steps and Steps Goal
  10. Woman’s Health – shows by default if you have a recorded menstrual cycle in your health data. If you select “Pregnancy” in the cycle type, you will see the record screen of the weeks and days of pregnancy.

Pressing the start key on any of the above items takes you through to more detailed information on your watch. The end key lets you exit the report. Up and down buttons are used to scroll through the items.

Garmin Morning Report

How do I customise the Garmin Morning Report?

The Morning Report can be customised directly on your watch or through Garmin Connect. This is also where you can totally disable the feature.

On the watch, go to the Settings Menu. Select Appearance > Morning Report. You will see the option to Show Report. Switch this on or off, as per your preference.

Below this is the Edit Report option. Select this and you’ll be able to specify which data appears in your morning report. You can also define the order in which the items appear.

The final option allows you to Edit your name. Type it in so that the greeting in the morning is correctly personalised. Garmin will also use this information to congratulate you on the day of your birthday.

Garmin Morning Report

These identical options are also customisable via Garmin Connect. The procedure is no different. Find Appearance > Morning Report in the Garmin Connect settings, make the changes and sync your watch.

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