Google Pixel watch teaser prompts questions on bezel size

Google has released a teaser video which gives us the best look yet at the upcoming Pixel Watch. However, this has raised some questions and concerns on the bezel size of the upcoming watch.

Take a look at the video below entitled “The Design of Google Pixel Watch”. The media does a decent job at showcasing the device’s bold circular, domed design, a rotating, tactile crown and side button. We see the device on a person’s wrist for the first time. Plus we get an insight into the selection of watch-faces that will be available.

What the video doesn’t clearly show is the thickness of the bezels. Is this on purpose or is Google simply teasing us? This media, including all the images released so far show screen elements depicted against a pitch-black backdrop. Which leaves us to guess about the thickness of the bezels.

Take a look at the image below. Not very appealing is it? It reminds of something that was released a decade or two ago, not a 2022 watch.

Surely the bezels are not that chunky! Is it simply the case that the watch-face is not fully expanded out to the bezel? Or does that area have a purpose that is linked to some sort of functionality?

Google Pixel Watch

Looking at the expected specs, Pixel Watch is expected to come in a 40mm body coupled with a 30mm display. Compare this with the Galaxy Watch 4. It comes in a 40mm case option that packs a 30.4mm display. And that combination looks decent enough.

So it might be that these images and video that were released give a misleading representation of the Pixel Watch bezel size. Perhaps the curvature of the glass around the edge appears flat when in fact it is round. And this is why the bezel looks bigger.

We shall learn soon enough as the full unveil is expected on October 6th. Let’s hope Google surprises us with something that has small bezels around the display. It might be something that you need to see in person in order to make a decision on whether to purchase.

The wearable is expected to come with the usual Fitbit activity and health tracking smarts. It will run WearOS 3.0 out of the box and the smarts will be designed to be a natural extension of the Pixel family.

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The Google Pixel Watch is expected to start at $349.99 for the WiFi/Bluetooth model when it becomes available. Which is quite pricey. You’ll be able to choose between a Black case with an Obsidian band, Silver/Chalk, and Gold/Hazel. Expect the LTE model to run between $50 and $100 extra. That one is expected to be available in Black/Obsidian, Silver/Charcoal, and Gold/Hazel.

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