Google Pixel Watch to come with ECG, SOS alerts & Fitbit Premium subscription

A premature retail listing of Pixel Watch has revealed some interesting insights into the upcoming device. It seems Google’s first smartwatch will come with ECG and the ability to send out SOS alerts. A free 6 month Fitbit Premium subscription will come as part of the package.

In a few days time we shall find out all the minute details about Pixel Watch. The device is expected to launch on October 6th alongside a couple of non-wearable related products.

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Much is already known about the device and Google has shared a plethora of images and touched on the specs of the watch. However, some questions still remain.

Size of bezel unclear

For starters, it seems the company is deliberately choosing product images where the thickness of the bezel is not clear. Unsurprisingly, this has prompted lots of speculation. With sizeable bezels the device will probably not be very appealing.

The first retail mention of the Google Pixel Watch has surfaced earlier today. And while the listing does not offer any further clue as to the bezel size, it does reveal information not previously known.

This is a Europe-based website which states the timepiece will be available to order starting October 13th, with a delivery 6 days later. In this article you will find images of the device that come from that source. You’ll notice that, once again, the pics show a black watch-face making it impossible to see the actual bezel size.

ECG/EKG, free 6 month Fitbit Premium subscription

As expected, Pixel Watch will come with Fitbit activity and health features. One of these is the ability to take an electrocardiogram. This will work in conjuction with the Fitbit ECG app.

An ECG (or EKG as it is also known) is a simple test that can be used to check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity. Presumably, the user will need to hold the sides of the watch in order to take the on-demand measurement, while the second sensor is located on the back of the watch.

Google Pixel Watch ECG
Google Pixel Watch – ECG

Confirmation that the connection between Pixel Watch and Fitbit health smarts runs deep comes in the form of a free membership. When you purchase the Google-branded timepiece, you will automatically get a no cost 6 month membership to Fitbit Premium. The subscription normally runs around $10 per month. This is the exact same deal that you get if you purchase a new Fitbit smartwatch.

Ability to send out SOS alerts

Another interesting bit of info to emerge from this retail listing is that the watch will be able to send out SOS alerts. This looks very much along the lines of similar functionality that can be found on the Apple Watch.

The advertisement simply states “Safe feeling thanks to SOS messages” (translated). In order for this to work you need to have an active 4G/LTE or WiFi connection. This works both via a connected smartphone and a cellularly enabled Pixel Watch. Google says the SOS feature is only available in certain markets.

Google Pixel Watch SOS
Google Pixel Watch SOS alerts

Software that will be available from the get go on the watch includes Google Assistant, Google Apps, Home Control (smart lamps, thermostats, etc) and Quick Pair. You’ll also be able to connect to Google Maps, Google Calendar, gmail, as well as use the device to make contactless payments via Google Wallet.

The watch will cost €356 in Europe and will come with a stainless steel case and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. There will also be a cellular variant which will cost around €40-50 extra. The retail listing has been pulled now but don’t be surprised if further leaks appear as we approach the official Pixel Watch launch.

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