The $1,250 Porsche edition of Garmin Epix 2 is now official

The Porsche edition of Garmin Epix 2 is now official. You can check out the $1,250 watch on the Porsche-design website.

Unlike last year, in 2022 we’ve seen quite a few new Garmin watches. Just a month ago the Venu Sq 2 landed. Not too much different from its predecessor, the company has beefed up its display and battery. Now you get a 1.41 inch AMOLED instead of a 1.3 inch LCD, along with an extra 5 days of battery juice. There’s also the addition of Multi-GNSS satellite connectivity.

We are expecting Instinct Crossover to land in the near future, Vivomove Trend and a mystery watch called Garmin Austin. All of these appeared in a local retailer listing we spotted this Spring. Other devices that appeared on that list and were un-launched at the time, have all been released since.

But before we see any of those, there is another Garmin watch to talk about.

Garmin Porsche Epix 2 – what’s new?

The first mention of Garmin Porsche Epix 2 appeared in Garmin Connect about a month ago. If you tried to add a new device, it appeared as one of the options.

But it is only now that the device is official. The watch is essentially a revamped Sapphire edition of Epix 2, we couldn’t spot any differences in the technical specs.

Which means the change is entirely to do with design elements as the device carries some unique Porsche branding. The watch is obviously a collectors edition.

For starters, the Porsche crest is engraved on the red start/stop button. The branding also appears on the dial of the watch which takes on black and red colours.

Other customization includes a red bezel ring around the brushed, uncoated stainless steel case. Plus all of this attaches to a black silicone strap and clasp with, you guessed it, the Porsche logo. If that wasn’t enough you also get to customize the watch face with a Porsche crest, Porsche logo or 12 different vehicle logos.

Beyond that you get the standard specs including a 1.3 inch display inside a 47mm body. This is topped with scratch-resistant sapphire glass and all the fitness and health features of the standard edition.

Porsche Epix 2 will set you back $1,250. Which means you are essentially paying an extra $250 over the Sapphire Epix 2 version.

Porsche is a popular brand

Will there be a market for such a thing? As a brand, Porsche is one of the most popular in the world. In the US it is the most popular luxury car. In the last fiscal year, Porsche delivered 301,915 vehicles to customers worldwide. That’s an increase of 11% compared to 2020. The US accounted for around three quarters of total sales.

This is not the first such Garmin venture. At CES 2019, the Mercedes-Benz branded Vivoactive 3 was revealed. It, too, comes with some design enhancements.

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What’s more, that timepiece has some novel abilities. One of these is the ability to communicate with the car’s dashboard (the Infotainment system – MBUX). The vehicle then figures out how calm or stressed you are and adapts accordingly. For example it might change the air conditioning, ambiance lighting, new-type seat massages, fragrance or music to keep you chill.

And, of course, there is the driver edition of MARQ. But that one is not about branding. Instead, it is marketed as “a luxury modern tool watch that accelerates your passion for racing”. To this end the device comes with access to more than 480 of the world’s most famous tracks and features that allow you to time cars and calculate speeds at the track.

It will be interesting to see what extra functionality Porsche Epix 2 brings. This is the first mention of device. But considering the watch already appears in Garmin Connect, its launch date should fall in the weeks or possibly days ahead. The Epix 2 starts at $899.99 in the US. No doubt, the Porsche edition will be more expensive.

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  • I see there’s also a Mercedes-Benz Venu (+2 & 2S) and a vivoactive 3 Daimler

  • According to the Porsche own back case picture…
    It is NOT titanium but steel ?

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