FITTO: measure, analyse & track your muscle growth

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FITTO is a device that is designed to provide greater insight into your fitness. It can help you precisely measure the results of your workouts to understand where exactly you are losing fat and gaining muscle.

The device originally debuted at CES 2022. In fact it was an innovation award honouree in the category of health and fitness at the tech gathering. After a successful trial and beta programme, the company has transitioned over to Indiegogo to raise funds for product development and mass market release.

FITTO removes the guesswork

FITTO is a hand held gadget that uses near-infrared (NIR) technology to measure and analyse individual muscles. You can utilise it to assess muscle development in different parts of the body.

Users get info such as mass, quality, and muscle grade. Based on this, the accompanying smartphone app spits out an exercise regimen and nutrition plan that is specifically targeted towards your weak areas. The aim is to help you work out smarter and prevent Sarcopenia. This is a type of muscle loss that occurs with normal ageing and/or immobility.

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Those that have been following wearable tech for a while might be reminded of Skupt Aim and Skupt Chisel. Both were released around 7 years ago but have been discontinued since then. We reviewed the latter at the time and found it offered a much greater understanding on which muscles you need to place most focus on when you head off to the gym.

FITTO sounds very much along these lines. Completely non-invasive, the wearable can be used to monitor 15 different muscle groups such as arms, legs, lower back, and belly. You can actually measure muscle growth and muscle quality over time. So no more skipping leg days in the gym! FITTO helps remove the guesswork.

Olive Healthcare Company, which is behind the product, says the device provides similar data to a $6,000 medical scan. With the difference that you can use it every day, in the comfort of your home.

How to take a reading

To take a reading simply rest FITTO against a muscle. Inside are 8-wavelength NIR LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) that can measure oxy-hemoglobin, deoxy-hemoglobin, water, and lipid by looking at tissue absorption and scattering during photon migrations. The company says the device is safe, as evidenced by its use in hospitals to measure tissue chromophores. The electromagnetic wavelength that it emits ranges from 780 to 2500nm.

Press the button and a measurement will be taken in seconds. Do this for other muscles as well. Then you can head over to the accompanying smartphone app for to view trends, analysis and insights.

How to purchase

Assuming turning the prototype into the final product goes according to plan, a pledge of $179 will get FITTO delivered to your doorstep in December. That’s 40% off of what the device will sell for when it hits retail availability.

FITTO certainly sounds like it could be useful if you are serious about your gym pursuits, if you want to upgrade your workout regimen or combat muscle loss that comes with ageing. It certainly has piqued our interest and we will be looking to get our hands on it and post a detailed review in the coming months.

Price:$179 and up

Funding total:
$72,142 of $15,000 raised

Estimated delivery: December 2022

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