HidrateSpark adds an Insulated Flip Lid smart bottle to its collection

HidrateSpark has announced a new addition to its collection of smart water bottles. This one comes with an insulated flip lid to cater to the coffee and tea consumer market.

Earlier this year HidrateSpark brought us the largest smart water bottle in existence. Packing a 32oz design, it is sure to keep you hydrated. Unlike the predecessor generations, smart water bottles that are a part of that range eliminate the need for battery replacements. They introduce the ability to charge the smart LED sensor puck. Which makes them easier to maintain.

Now the company is back with another variant. Something for those that prefer hot drinks.

A smart water bottle for coffee and tea lovers

The HidrateSpark PRO 21oz Insulated Flip Lid smart bottle is here just in time for the colder weather in the US and Europe. Its novelty is the new flip lid accessory which allows users to consume tea, coffee and other hot drinks safely.

As with other smart bottles in its range, this one will maintain the cool temperature of your drink for up to a day. If you prefer the hot drink option, the new HydrateSpark will keep your drink warm for up to 6 hours.

Those who already own a bottle from the HidrateSpark PRO range will be happy to know that the $9.99 flip lid accessory can be fitted on to their device. If you own a 17, 21 or 32oz size from that line, simply slot the accessory onto your bottle. You can purchase it in choice between Black or Grey.

FlipLid accessory
HidrateSpark Flip Lid accessory

The company has also expanded its software to be able to also track coffee and tea consumption. Users will get a breakdown of their liquid intake in the smartphone app. All of this will go towards your daily hydration goals, together with your water intake.

Beyond that you get the same functionality as the predecessor generations. This includes the customisable lights which shine in one of 6 different colour combinations to remind you to stay hydrated.

The HidrateSpark Insulated Flip Lid Smart Bottle comes in various colour options, but only one 21oz size. It retails for $69.99 and you can pick it up in a choice between Black, Deep Blue and Brushed Stainless Steel. If you want a different sized bottle we suggest you go for one from the Pro line and upgrade it with the Flip Lid attachment. For now the Flip Lid option is only available on the HidrateSpark website. Check availability on Amazon.

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