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Garmin introduces new functionality to the Morning Report

Following on from yesterday’s public release of software version 9.37, Garmin has released into the wild an Alpha update for owners of the Fenix 7, Epix 2, Enduro 2 and Quatix 7. It brings some useful new functionality to the Morning Report and Run Power.

Yesterday’s release simply attempts to fix a battery drain issue. The jury is still out on whether it manages to do this. Today’s Alpha version of the software, on the other hand brings a slew of updates.

Morning report gets a boost

Starting off with the Morning Report feature, and this gets a boost. To remind, the functionality kicks in when you wake up in the morning. You can enable it, disable it and customise the items that appear. In essence, it is simply a recap of stats that may be of interest to you, so you can make the most of the day ahead. There are up to 10 kinds of information that are available such as Training Readiness, Sleep Score, Heart Rate Variability and more.

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This is what it works like on the Forerunner 255 and 955 which debuted in June. The Fenix 7, Epix 2, Enduro 2 and Quatix 7 owners did get the feature about a month ago. But it is only with this update that they get the ability to add, remove and reorder Morning Report items. Garmin has also added the option to add Calendar and Step goal info to the report. Plus you can now customise the background of individual data pages.

The Morning Report is not for everyone. Some are addicted to it while others tend to ignore it. Luckily for them, there is an option to switch it off.

Upgrades to run power and more

The run power functionality also gets a few additions and fixes. This includes alerts, a power chart data field, run power data fields for average watts/kg and lap watts/kg, along with a power chart that has been added to the post activity summary.

The functionality has recently received a boost with the addition of run power from the wrist. This means you no longer need an accessory such as a Garmin chest strap or the Running Dynamics pod in order to get this metric. The feature is also in Alpha stage so not available to everyone just yet.

We see this as the company’s answer to Apple. To remind they’ve added running power from the wrist with the latest edition of their operating system, as well as a few running performance metrics.

This is not where the changes end with Alpha Version 10.37 software iteration. Other additions include:

  • a prompt to end Resume Later for an activity when user is near their sleep window.
  • System Settings App.
  • hot key and power controls access for Settings app.
  • QR code to bluetooth pairing flow.

Beyond this, there’s a long list of fixes. You can read them in full on the Garmin Beta forum. That is also where you can download the software in order to install on your watch. As this is a Alpha version, the download and installation needs to be done manually. Or you can wait until it hits the Beta stage. Those who are registered as Beta testers will receive that version of the software automatically through Garmin Connect.

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