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Code reveals Ignite 3 might be Polar’s next smartwatch

Code in the Polar Flow app has revealed references to the Ignite 3, implying this might be the company’s next sports watch.

When it comes to new devices, this has not really been a busy year for Polar. The last release landed in April. Polar revived its old Pacer line with two mid-range runners watches, the Polar Pacer and a Pro version of the same.

The duo reminds very much of the Vantage line. In fact it sits very close to the Vantage M2, raising the question on whether we will see a new iteration of that watch. Pacer does it all. The Pro version comes with everything from M2, with the addition of running power from the wrist, Hill Splitter, Route Navigation, Strava Live Segments, new Performance Tests, better water-resistance, faster processor and more memory.

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We were hoping to see the next in the Vantage V line or Grit X. But it looks like these might land in 2023. A device that might arrive before the end of this year is Ignite 3.

Polar Ignite 3 – references to the device spotted in code

A Reddit user was doing some work in the Polar Flow app and stumbled across the following code. A clear reference to Polar Ignite 3 which confirms the device is actively in the works.

Polar Ignite 3 code

Another reference can be spotted on the Brasilian version of Polar’s website. Do a Google search and you’ll see the following.

Polar Ignite 3

Launched in early 2021, Polar Ignite 2 is another mid-range device. Unfortunately, the upgrade last year was not that great. It pretty much ended with slightly better battery life and a new Heart Rate Sensor mode which allows you to broadcast your heart rate readings.

Reviews of the device were mixed. What is clear is that there is room for improvement. A common gripe is to do with the display. The touch responsiveness of Ignite 2 leaves a lot to be desired. Sometimes you need to tap the display 4-5 times before it registers. Trying to change the screen or enter into a sub-menu might lead to frustration.

On-board storage for music on Ignite 3 would also be nice. Particularly as this is a general purpose fitness watch. Such functionality would fit nicely in.

Some on Reddit are saying the release date is imminent. That is possible considering we are fast approaching the holiday sales period. If we don’t see the device by mid-November, our guess is that we will see it in early 2023.

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