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Polar to launch its next product on 9th of November

Polar has teased a product launch event for November 9th. Most likely, this is when we will see Ignite 3.

It has been a while since the company held its last launch event. You have to go back to April 13th and the unveiling of the Polar Pacer watch.

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To remind, this is a mid-range timpiece that comes with most of the fitness smarts of the Vantage M2. On top of that it also has better water-resistance, a faster processor more memory and longer battery life. So all round improvements.

There is no hint on Polar’s website on what we could see on November 9th. The promotional page carries the headline “Find your rhythm”. And that’s about it.

You can watch the proceedings on the all important day on this link. The other options are to head over to Polar’s Facebook or Linkedin page. The live feed starts at 15:00 EET / 14:00 CET / 8:00 EST.

The 15 second teaser video also does not reveal much. Unless its a connected Polar Yoga mat that is coming!

Jokes aside, it is anyone’s guess at this stage on what we will see on the 9th. We do not think it will be Vantage M3 as that one has probably been made redundant with the launch of Polar Pacer.

Vantage V3 is always a possibility considering the last iteration in that line was launched back in October 2020. So the timepiece is well due for an upgrade. It is also the device that is most eagerly awaited by the Polar community.

There’s even more chance we will see Ignite 3. Our money is on that one.

We reported a few days ago that an Ignite 3 reference was spotted in the app code. We also came across it on the Brazilian version of Polar’s website. But that’s not where it ends. Do a Google search and you’ll see a few retail outlets adding the Ignite 3 name to the list of devices on their website.

Finally, the teaser video is much more indicative of something in the Ignite rather than the Vantage V range, as the latter is a high-end sports watch. About a week to go until we find out for sure.

Ignite 2 was unveiled in April 2021, which means a year and a half has passed since then. The original saw the light of day in August 2019. So that again, is roughly about a year and a half in the passage of time.

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