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Garmin introduces progress visuals for Challenges

Garmin has revamped slightly the Challenges display in the Connect app to make it easier to follow how close you are to achieving the goals.

Participating in virtual challenges is not everyone’s cup of tea. But lots of people like them as they help with motivation.

The functionality was first introduced in May 2020 as something in addition to Garmin Connect Badges. Challenges help to keep you working at acquiring these badges all month long. 

Unlike the regular badges, you need to join specific Challenges. An additional thing to know is that while most badges are linked to a one-off activity, Challenges are usually earned during a pre-set period.

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You can view the ones that are currently available by clicking on the More tab in Garmin Connect and selecting Challenges. There you can see your Challenges, Weekly Leaderboards, along with additional Challenges that you can join. The app will even let you create a Challenge of your own and invite people to participate. It’s all good fun and aims to get you out and about exercising more.

Garmin has now introduced something that makes it easier to follow your progress towards individual Challenge goals. This is a Garmin Connect software update so if you have not received it yet, it should land soon. Make sure your software is up to to the latest available version. Both the iPhone and Android version have this update. Some people have received it but others are still waiting.

The feature introduces a progress bar on the list of Challenges page. Previously you needed to go into each individual challenge to see how close you are to completing it. Now you can view this at a glance for all the Challenges you are currently participating in. So this is particularly useful for people who join many Challenges every month.

Here is what this looks like in a real-world example. You essentially get a progress visual. No more clicking on each Challenge to check them all!

Garmin Progress Visuals

Garmin Connect is packed with features. But it is fair to say that it is not the most user friendly software out there. Anything to help simplify the software is welcome.

This latest tweak is not a huge update but it is a useful one. It will certainly make it a bit easier to track how close you are to successfully completing your Challenges. Well done Garmin! Let’s hope we get more of these types of updates.

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