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Withings Scanwatch gets high/low heart rate alerts & more

The latest Withings Scanwatch firmware update comes with a few useful goodies. This includes high/low heart rate alerts, bidirectional synchronisation, enhanced step goal notifications and more.

It has been a while since the French company’s flagship hybrid had received on update. The last one landed in March 2022. That one added activity reminders, new hands behavior and a workout mode.

Today’s update goes under the number 2651. As is usually the case, tis is a progressive rollout. So if it hasn’t hit your watch yet, patience is your friend. Check your app from time to time and eventually it will arrive.

High & low heart rate alerts

When you download and install the software you’ll be able to enable high and low heart rate alerts. The option is to select these thresholds yourself, or let Scanwatch do the task for you.

The next step is to activate the feature “Receive notifications” and make sure to sync the watch with the smartphone app. From that point on you’ll be notified if your heart rate goes above or below these set values while you are at rest.

It is a useful feature that can alert to potential health issues. High heart rate alerts can also be an indicator of high stress situations. And a reminder to step back and relax.

Bidirectional sync & more

Another new feature comes in the form of a bidirectional sync. Essentially this means that your metrics (such steps, calories, distance, elevation, etc), can be synced across all of your Health Mate enabled devices. So for example if you have another brand’s app that has been set to speak to Health Mate, its stats will now also be visible on your Scanwatch.

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The next change are enhanced step goal notifications. For the ambitious of us, if you’ve hit your daily step target twice (or more) in a day, you’ll be notified.

Beyond that the update brings a do not disturb mode which can be activated after receiving a notification by long-pressing on the watch’s crown. Plus users now have the ability to create a total of 10 alarms.

As always, you’ll know when firmware 2651 is available by checking the Health Mate app. As far as the full release notes, they can be found on this page.

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