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Garmin finally adds manual blood pressure entry in Connect for all

Garmin has finally started allowing users to manually enter blood pressure readings in the Connect app – without the need for the Index BPM. The rollout seems to be gradual and limited currently only to the Android smartphone app.

To remind, the company released their own blood pressure monitor for the first time ever earlier this year. The $149.99 Garmin Index BPM is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor that allows users to have a more complete view of their health.

This was a long overdue move from Garmin. Its software may be a fitness and health powerhouse, but with one notable exception. It didn’t allow users to store blood pressure readings.

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With the launch of Index BPM, this gap was plugged. Up to 16 individuals can use a single device and the readings will sync to their individual Garmin accounts via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Users also have the option to manually enter readings.

However, for some reason this last option was restricted to those that have purchased the blood pressure monitor. Which doesn’t really make sense. It should be no issue allowing anyone to enter readings manually. After all, the feature has already been coded at the backend. No doubt, this is an effort from Garmin to entice its user base to purchase the new device.

You can finally enter blood pressure readings in Garmin Connect

It seems that company is making things right now by expanding the manual entry functionality to all. A few users on Reddit, from Germany, Denmark and the US, have noticed that Garmin Connect is now allowing them to enter blood pressure readings. And no, they have not bought the Index BPM.

Here are a few screenshots on what this looks like in the smartphone app.

The functionality has apparently rolled out with version 4.61 of the Android Garmin Connect app. You can add a manual reading from the dashboard and this will be charted for you.

The graph utilises data from the American Heart Association to show if your reading falls into the healthy or unhealthy range. Also logged with the reading is the time and date of the measurement, and you have the option to add notes if you wish to do so.

Those with the functionality will notice that a section for blood pressure has been added to the Health section in the Garmin Connect app. In addition to daily readings, users can look at data over the past week, month or year. These time periods are actually no different to those that apply to other stats in the Connect smartphone app.

Unfortunately, the feature to add blood pressure readings manually is not only currently limited to the Android app. It might also be region or device specific as not all users are seeing it. Most likely, this is a gradual rollout where Garmin is gauging how well it works.

We are looking forward to the wider rollout. Something like this would be very useful to those of use that have another brand’s smart blood pressure monitor and don’t necessarily want to purchase the Index BPM. It will also be useful to those who are still holding on to a traditional blood pressure measuring device.

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7 thoughts on “Garmin finally adds manual blood pressure entry in Connect for all

  • Do you guys have any idea if and when the Index BPM will be available in the EU?

    • No idea – maybe its to do with additional time needed to secure regulatory clearence.

  • Also in the iOS app.

  • any idea for an update/rollout for this in Canada ?
    is this only through the Google playstore for the android – or is there an alternate
    Google play store update that i completed today ( Mar 1 2023 ) seems to be for version 4.63.1 which update me from 4.6 – these seems to be beyond ver 4.61 as in the article – but alas no BP option in Health Stats – so this would be in Canada/USA
    I performed a change to Denmark for my Connect account – and a re start but did not work
    I would hesitate to attempt an apk download and wonder if anyone in NA has had success with getting this feature

    • Update/change your location to US from the account details page not from the Connect account. This will enable the feature in the mobile app and web portal.

    • I’ve enabled it on iOS in the UK. You just need to set your Garmin account login country to the US.


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