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Fossil Diesel Gen 6 Griffed WearOS 3.0 availability starts now

Fossil has unveiled a couple of weeks ago a new WearOS 3.0 watch. It comes in the form of the Diesel Gen 6 Griffed. The timepiece availability for purchase starts from today.

You have to go back a while to find the last smartwatch that was released by the Fossil Group sub-brand Diesel. This was the Diesel on Fadelite back at CES 2020 which came in an interesting design. The straps of the watch are see-through with a choice of gradient colorways or a completely clear option. The body of the watch is partially translucent, too. That unisex device joined Full Guard and Axial as the company’s third smartwatch.

Now we got the fourth. The Diesel Griffed is a new design in the smartwatch lineup rather than a sequel to the previous offerings. Mind you, the company already has a not-so-clever Griffed range but these are traditional watches with zero underlying smarts.

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Diesel Griffed is not a Gen 7 timepiece – if that’s what you were hoping for. Instead, once again, you have Gen 6 technology sitting under the hood.

This includes the 4100+ platform, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, built-in GPS, Bluetooth/WiFi and NFC for contactless payments through Google Wallet. The wellness features are unchanged from other Gen 6 timepieces but they’ve recently received a revamp in the accompanying smartphone app.

Like other Diesel watches, the device takes on a bright and cheerful look. On the right side is a crown above and below which function buttons can be found.

Fossil says, this is a “wearable for men and women that blends style, innovation, and technology seamlessly.” There are several interesting strap options as can be seen from images in this article. Of course, these are interchangeable so you can customise the device to your liking with a strap and watch-face of your choice.

Just like the Gen 6 Fossil Wellness edition, out of the box Diesel Griffed is capable of running WearOS 3.0. This should come as no surprise as a number of Fossil watches with the 4100+ have recently received this upgrade.

Also worthy of note is Amazon Alexa functionality. The smart assistant will either speak responses or show them on the display, all from your wrist! What’s more, users can make and receive calls right on the watch when Bluetooth is paired with your phone. And Spotify and YouTube Music allows users to control playback while online and offline.

Fossil has not mentioned battery life in the press release, but our guess is you won’t get much above a day. But at least you have the rapid changing function which lets you top-up quickly. It is said to be two times faster than on Gen 5.

The $350 Gen 6 Diesel Griffed is available on and select Diesel stores starting starting from today. It comes in a number of bezel colourway options like silver/black, gunmetal/black and silver. You can also pick up the watch at a number of other retail outlets.

The obvious question is – when can we expect the first Gen 7 watch? Don’t get your hopes up. Taking into account comments recently made by a Fossil employee on Reddit, it seems the wait will continue for a while longer. Our best guess is, this could land in late spring or next summer.

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