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Mobvoi Ticwatch GTH2 international availability starts today

Following on from the Pro version earlier this year, Mobvoi has added TicWatch GTH2 to its lineup of smartwatches. It comes with a bigger display and more attractive price-tag. The wearable was made available in China in August. It is only now that the device is coming to the international markets.

The first timepiece in the GTH series was launched in April 2021. It offered a not-so-widely found temperature tracking feature that works around the clock. Useful as the pandemic was in its early stages. The other novelty at the time was 24/7 SpO2 tracking. This has become more commonly available now but at the time most devices only had on-demand blood oxygen readings.

With a 1.55 inch TFT display, 5 ATM water-resistance and a week of battery life, the TicWatch GTH was a solid offering. Its $79.99 price-tag seemed realistic as well.

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That was followed up by a Pro version of the same in March 2022. The novelty there was the Dual PPG Bio Sensors technology that enables advanced insights into the wearer’s arterial and heart health. All the info gathered from the sensors is aggregated in something the company refers to as an Arty score. The idea is to dish out a single metric that quantifies your unique cardiovascular risk profile.

Mobvoi Ticwatch GTH2 – what’s new?

Not much has changed in the looks department as far as GTH 2. The wearable continues the design tradition of the GTH series. It comes with a lightweight build and a square form-factor.

An area of improvement is the display. It now measures 1.72 inches and packs a resolution of 356 x 400. That’s about a 10% increase in size on the predecessor versions. There’s a metal frame around the edges and the screen is further protected by a 2.5D curved tempered glass plate.

Mobvoi TicWatch GTH2
Image source: Mobvoi

There’s no mention of the advanced heart rate tech of the Pro version, but you do get all the basic sensors including temperature tracking and blood oxygen. Swimming is amongst the 100 or so exercise modes tracked thanks to IP68 water-resistance.

Sleep tracking has received a bit of a boost. There’s a AI Sleep Coach on-board which can give you detailed insights on your quality of sleep. To help lull you into slumber, users can tap into more than 40 sleep audios right from the watch.

Other than that, GTH2 has the ability to answer smartphone calls and display messages. The Bluetooth 5.2 tech also allows for voice control and you have over 100 pre-installed watch faces to help make the device your own. Battery life is along the lines of the predecessor devices – around 10 days.

In reality, there is little to get excited here. But if you are a fan of Mobvoi watches you might want to consider a purchase. Particularly considering the budget price tag.

At the time of writing this article – the €79.99 weаrable is not yet available in the US. But it can be picked up in the EU and some other countries on Mobvoi’s website. We’re guessing US availability should come soon.

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