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Wear OS 3 on Mobvoi watches – when is it coming?

For the past few months some watches that previously ran on wear OS 2 have received support for the latest version of Google’s operating system. But we are yet to see a Mobvoi timepice with support for wear OS 3. What’s going on?

Back in 2021, the company announced a few specific models that might receive the upgrade. The eligible devices include the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, Ticwatch Pro 3 Cellular/LTE and TicWatch E3.

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These watches are candidates because they are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform. What’s more, Google itself has flagged the Ticwatch 3 Ultra as a timepiece that will receive the update.

Unfortunately, there has been no sign of wear OS 3 on a Mobvoi watch, to date. The last word on this topic was posted by a Mobvoi employee on the company’s forum for GPS 3 and Ultra. You can read it below.

Mobvoi wearOS 3

That was posted at end October. Earlier feedback from the Mobvoi team hinted that support for wear OS 3 will come. No dates have been mentioned, though. And there has been no official announcement from the company.

A user contacted Mobvoi via Twitter about a week ago to ask if there was any word on the update. Here’s the response he received.

“We are sorry that we do not have the information about when watch will get the Wear OS 3 update at the moment. Please stay tuned to our official website and subscribe to our newsletter for further announcements. Thanks for your patience and understanding.”

You can only install certain apps on Wear OS 3

Beyond running outdated software, the problem with wear OS 2 is that certain apps such as Komoot, Strava and Wikiloc do not appear on the Play Store. Those apps have dropped legacy support. And their number is growing.

Actually, you can still run the apps – it is just that Google has pulled them from the app store. So if your wear OS 2 watch already has that software installed, you are good to go. But if you are forced to do a hard-reset of the device and they are deleted – you cannot re-install them from the Play Store. This is a strange move from Google considering the active Wear OS 2 userbase is still quite large.

There are other (unofficial) ways of getting around this. But this is not ideal.

You can, for example, turn on developer mode and then ADB debug via WiFi. As long as you are connected to the same WiFI connection with the phone and the watch, this will allow you to install the software. It can be downloaded from apkmirror. Then it is a matter of clicking on the app in wear OS and installing it to your watch.

There might be some sort of announcement at CES 2023 in January

As mentioned, there are an increasing number of watches on the market capable of running wear OS 3. Recent additions include the newly launched Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition. A number of older Fossil watches have also received the ability to run the new software in the past couple of months.

Hopefully the wait for the first wear OS 3 Mobvoi watch with this ability will not be long. The question is – will the company put in effort on aged hardware or will this be reserved only for new models.

CES 2023 is right around the corner. There’s a good chance the company will make some sort of announcement at that stage. We shall see.

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