Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 brings improved safety features

Verizon has announced today Gizmo Watch 3 ahead of CES 2023. The device is more powerful than its predecessor, it offers longer battery life and a new front-facing camera.

The market for children’s smartwatches is a growing one. More and more wearable tech brands are entering this space, although we are yet to see the big names such as Apple or Samsung with their offering. The one exception is Garmin which recently debuted its Bounce LTE smartwatch for kids.

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Verizon has been in this market for much longer than most other brands with its Gizmo Watch series. The New York-based telecommunications company is a well known multinational telecommunications conglomerate. But it has been a while since we’ve seen their latest kids’ watch launch. You have to go back to 2020 when the Gizmo Watch 2 was unveiled.

The company has now announced a new addition to the line.

Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 brings improvements in a number of different areas

Gizmo Watch 3 has a plethora of features and improvements.

There’s a new front-facing camera for photos, video calls, and video messages, along with 4G LTE support, a step counter, the ability to send and receiving emojis, games and fun voice recordings and much more. The Bluetooth connection makes it easy to pair the watch with wireless earbuds or headphones.

Parents will be happy to know that this is quite a robust device. As the image below shows, Gizmo Watch 3 has a sturdy design, plus it is water resistant – making it a great option for active children.

Verizon Gizmo Watch 3

The watch’s safety features get a few enhancements. This is important as parents look for ways to stay connected to their children and ensure their safety.

Gizmo Watch 3 allows for double the number of trusted contacts (up to 20) over its predecessor. As before, the device packs GPS tracking to enable parents to monitor their children’s whereabouts and receive alerts if a predetermined area is breached. But now you can set more than one “safe zone”.

Gizmo Watch 3 offers a number of other enhancements over the previous generation. It is powered by a Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor, which offers improved performance over the Gizmo Watch 2’s Snapdragon Wear 2500 SoC. The device also boasts a longer battery life, with 80% more talk time and 20% more standby time.

Verizon Gizmo Watch 3

With a plethora of new features and improvements, Gizmo Watch 3 presents itself as not only a useful tool for parents but also a fun accessory for children. Smartwatches can help children feel more independent and responsible. They can also help them learn how to use technology responsibly.

The device will retail for $149.99 in Blue Clay and Mint colours when it launches on January 5th. It can be purchased in 36 monthly instalments of $4.17 on Verizon’s website. The company also offers a discount for multiple children for a limited time, with a second unit available for $100 off.

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One thought on “Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 brings improved safety features

  • BUYER BEWARE, Verizon does not stand by its products or its customers.

    Initially I thought these were going to be great for my kids and I was able to successfully connect the GIZMO watch to the Gizmo app on my iphone. I allowed my kids to use the watches for the rest of that week. I purchased the Gizmo watches directly from Verizon.

    Unfortunately that weekend when we tried to “Invite” my husband’s Gizmo app, his Gizmo app would not connect to my kids watches.

    After MANY hours with Verizon technical support we were UNABLE to connect my two kids Gizmo to my husbands Gizmo app. After trying all the strategies the Verizon technical support representative guided us to do without success, the tech support rep finally said they could not get it to work.

    I asked for a slip to return the watches, which the tech support rep sent me. Verizon charged a $100 restocking fee as well as a $70 activation fee, lastly then started my Verizon service before I even received the watches in the mail. I spoke to several representatives (John, Paul-the billing manager, and someone else) who insisted these were valid charges and would not remove the charges. Finally I spoke to Sarah who was able to remove the $70 activation fee and one of the $50 restocking fees. I ended up losing many hours talking to technical support and paying over $140 so Verizon would not damage my credit score by sending these charges to a collection company.

    SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY and do not work with Verizon


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