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Moto Watch 70 clears final hurdle with FCC approval

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) listed the Moto Watch 70 a few days ago, ahead of its expected launch in the United States. The wearable was briefly leaked online in November, but little more information has been available since then.

The Moto Watch 200 and Moto Watch 100S are two other timepieces that are expected in the near future. All three of these devices were supposed to be unveiled around a year ago. However, for whatever reason, they have not yet been launched. We almost forgot about them until they were discovered on the Canadian Best Buy website in November. The listing was up only briefly.

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The FCC gave the Moto Watch 200 its seal of approval a few months ago. Watch 70 has now joined it. If their devices include wireless communication capabilities, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, smartwatch manufacturers must obtain FCC approval in the US. The FCC is in charge of regulating the radiofrequency (RF) spectrum in the country, which is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum used for wireless communication.

As a result, the device can now be purchased in the United States. So don’t be surprised if we hear something official about these new watches from Motorola soon. It will be more surprising if we don’t!

Something for those on a budget

The Watch 200 and 100S have higher specifications. Watch 70 is a low-cost version that should appeal to those on a tight budget. According to the Best Buy leak, it will cost roughly half the price of the Watch 200 and 150 – 99 Canadian dollars (or around 70 US dollars).

Its relatively simple construction contributes to the low price. Moto Watch 70 will be square in shape, with one physical button on the side. Its case is made of zinc alloy rather than aluminium. The first is heavier due to its higher density than aluminium, and it is more prone to scratching and denting.

ACL 1.69′′ colour screen with 240 x 280 pixel resolution is included. Again, the resolution isn’t particularly impressive.

Here’s what Watch 70 looks like.

Moto Watch 70
Moto Watch 70

The sensors appear to be the same as those on its more capable siblings. Which includes an accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, heart rate monitor and SpO2 sensor. You’ll be able to use these to monitor your steps, distance, running, elevation, calories burned, heart rate, and 23 different sports modes.

However, instead of built-in GPS you only get Connected GPS on Watch 70. The water resistance is also not as good as on the other two – only IP67.

As far as battery life, this comes in at around 10 days between charges. Which is pretty decent but largely a result of a low-power consuming proprietary operating system.

Keep an eye out. After a quiet year, Mobvoi should release one, two or perhaps three new watches in the coming weeks.

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