Withings HealthMate Beta elevates iOS lock screen experience with widgets

A new feature has been added to a Beta version of Withings HealthMate that will undoubtedly improve the user experience. The app now includes lock widgets for iOS devices, allowing users to access their health and fitness data directly from their lock screen.

As first reported by a Reddit user, the update allows you to add a few different widgets from HealthMate. This includes steps and weight.

Withings lock screen widgets

iOS lock screen widgets are useful because they provide quick access to important information and functionality without having to unlock your device. They save time by allowing you to perform common tasks. This update allows you to stay on top of your health and fitness more easily.

Withings lock screen widgets

A better display of weight trends

Another thing that this Beta may have improved is the weight display. A recent software update that made it more difficult to see historical weight data has received a lot of negative feedback on social media, the App Store and Google Play Store. Previously, the resolution of the graph line was higher, making recent upticks or downswings easier to detect. Weight, body fat, and muscle could all be displayed on the same screen, along with a landscape view. Data that was previously visible at a glance has vanished.

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Users should see some improvement in this latest Beta. The release notes also mention a new weigh-in badges collection.

“You can dig deeper in your weight datas thanks to a new full-screen view, that include exciting options like free scrolling, raw datas and more to come.”

If you are Health+ user, the Beta introduces a few exclusive things for you:

  • You can better measure your efforts thanks to the broadcasting of your heart rate on the Lives Workout vidéo (you have to wear a Withings watch)
  • You can play, pause or stop the video workout very easily with your watch remote control feature
  • If you’re more into audio, the articles of the programs now include audible option so that you can learn about your Health+ even when cooking, cleaning or do whatever you want to do
  • To help you measure your progress, you’ll receive a program recap each week with the details of your missions completed.
  • You liked a specific mission? Just swipe to add it to your favorites (or remove it if you’re tired of it)

How to install the Beta

Instructions on how to get in on the Withings Beta software experience can be found here. A few months ago the company sent out a note that it is looking for IOS users to join beta tests of upcoming versions of the Health Mate app.

Having said that, it’s worth noting that installing beta software can be dangerous. These types of updates are typically released to the public for testing purposes, but they may contain bugs, glitches, and other issues that can impair your user experience and device’s performance. Before installing a beta version of any software, consider the risks and weigh them against the benefits.

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