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Google Pixel Watch March 2023 update: the rollout has begun

Google has finally started rolling out the highly-anticipated Pixel Watch update two weeks after it was initially scheduled, and it’s a significant one, folks!

The software refresh brings the Pixel Watch to the March 5, 2023 security patch level, and the new build number is RWDA.230114.008.R1. The Japanese and Taiwanese watches have a different variant, RWDA.230114.008.J2. It’s worth noting that this update is bigger compared to the last three ones, which were boringly labeled RWD9.220429.x.

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In December, Google’s flagship smartwatch got only a few software upgrades. Fitbit Sleep Profiles, for example, provide users with a fun and whimsical method to track their sleep patterns. Another enhancement was the addition of a number of new tiles. They allow users to customise their watch faces and access more information at a glance.

So, what precisely has changed this time? The March update contains numerous enhancements to Watch Faces, Display, Touch, Settings, Alarms, and other areas. Let’s dive in!


Watch Faces

The upgrade adds a Digital Clock, which can now be accessed by pressing a button while the device is turned off. Furthermore, when you press the crown, the time shows alongside the red low battery indicator, giving you more control over the watch’s functionality.


This update enables you to turn on the Always-On Display (AOD) mode by rotating the haptic crown, in addition to activating it through the watch or companion app settings. The screen now activates in AOD off and brightens the display in ambient mode, adding more convenience to your user experience.


The update also comes with touch sensitivity optimizations, improving the touch screen’s overall behavior.


In this release, the Battery Saver enable/disable single tap support in QSS is now fully enabled, giving you more control over your device’s battery life.


In the coming weeks, a fix will be rolled out via the PlayStore to update the Clock app, which will handle some alarms that have been starting late or incorrectly. To receive this update, make sure to activate auto-update apps in Play Store > Settings on your watch.

The next two features were announced earlier.

Fall Detection

Your Pixel Watch now has fall detection capabilities that can detect if you’ve taken a hard fall and connect you to emergency services. Once connected, your Pixel Watch will play an automated message to request help to wherever you are.

Additional settings tweaks

Mono-audio has been introduced to reduce the disorientation caused by split-audio. Along with new color correction and greyscale modes that improve display optimization for a broader range of vision preferences.

Update starts rolling out today

It’s worth noting that Google has previously upgraded both the Pixel Watch and its phones on the same day. Nonetheless, the Pixel 4a-5a and 7 series were upgraded last Monday, while the Pixel 6, 6 Pro, and 6a releases arrived today. The build number also differs from the early Verizon changelog issued in late February.

These software upgrades will be available today for all supported Pixel Watch devices running Wear OS 3.5. The rollout will continue in stages over the next week, depending on carrier and device.

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