WWDC 2023: Apple announces dates & anticipated highlights

Apple has officially revealed the dates for its 34th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is set to take place from June 5 to June 9. In line with recent years, the event will primarily be held online, offering free access to all developers. This approach has proven successful, as it has increased accessibility for developers across the globe.

The conference will begin with a keynote event on June 5. This is when Apple is expected to unveil iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, watchOS 10, and macOS 14. It’s never a certainty, but attendees can also look forward to announcements about new hardware. This includes the AR/VR headset in development, the Mac Pro, and a 15-inch MacBook Air.

watchOS 10: What to expect

Of most interest to us is watchOS 10. Although no official information is available yet, rumours and speculations have been informed by previous updates and current trends. Potential improvements may include:

  1. Enhanced health and fitness tracking: Apple could introduce new algorithms to the Apple Watch, strengthening its ability to monitor health and fitness, such as recovery stats.
  2. Slim chance of support for new sensors: watchOS 10 may not include support for blood sugar levels, hydration, or blood pressure sensors, but it’s still a possibility. Such sensors are probably a few years away.
  3. Greater integration with the Apple ecosystem: Improved interoperability between the Apple Watch and other Apple devices is likely.
  4. Expanded third-party app offerings: Apple may encourage the development of more apps for the Apple Watch, resulting in a diverse selection of applications.
  5. Introduction of third-party watch faces: Will Apple finally allow non-native watch faces?
  6. Improved sleep tracking: The new watchOS may offer more insights and stats related to sleep. For example sleep vs need. A metric that quantifies how much sleep you need to put in to recover fully.

Like every year, with the release of a new watchOS, support for older Apple Watch models may be discontinued. It is anticipated that the latest models will continue to receive support. There is, however, uncertainty surrounding support for the Apple Watch Series 4 and the previous-generation Apple Watch SE.

In-person event and Swift Student Challenge

In addition to online sessions, Apple will host a special in-person event at the Apple Park campus on June 5 for select developers and students. Attendees, chosen through a random lottery, will have the opportunity to watch the keynote and State of the Union videos. They will also be able to interact with Apple employees, and attend the Apple Design Awards.

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Apple also says it is now accepting submissions for the annual Swift Student Challenge. The competition encourages students to create innovative coding projects using the Swift Playgrounds app. Winners will receive exclusive WWDC 2023 outerwear, AirPods Pro, a customized pin set. They’ll also get a one-year membership in the Apple Developer Program. Some winners will also be invited to attend the Apple Park special event.

Developers interested in attending the Apple Park event can submit a request through the WWDC 2023 website. Apple will share more information about WWDC 2023 via email, the Apple Developer app, and the Apple Developer website.

More info on the upcoming conference can be found on the official event page.

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