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Apple’s watchOS 10 to bring major UI overhaul & upgrades this summer

Apple is expected to unveil a significant update to its watchOS at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The conference will begin with a keynote event on June 5. Amongst other things, the 4 day gathering will showcase upcoming changes to watchOS 10. This will give Apple Watch users a glimpse of the features they can anticipate in the public release later this year.

In his recent “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman shared insights about watchOS 10, which he predicts will mark a departure from the incremental updates seen in previous years. According to Gurman, watchOS 10 will be a “fairly extensive upgrade,” featuring notable changes to the user interface, unlike the more conservative updates expected in iOS 17.

Gurman also highlights the importance of watchOS 10’s significant update, given that major hardware updates for the Apple Watch are not anticipated this year. Of course, these predictions are still in the realm of speculation. But Gurman’s comments carry some credibility, suggesting that Apple might indeed introduce radical changes to watchOS this year.

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As the milestone 10th version of the operating system, Apple has ample opportunity to implement significant changes and improvements. With the WWDC just around the corner, Apple Watch users are eager to see what the tech giant has in store for the latest iteration of the popular wearable’s operating system.

No specific information on what to expect

There are no actual leaks as far as what we can expect. But some of the following is possible:

  1. Advanced health and fitness tracking: Last year Apple introduced running dynamics stats. This year the company may incorporate new algorithms into the Apple Watch. This may bolster its capacity to monitor other fitness indicators, such as recovery stats.
  2. Potential support for new sensors: While it’s unlikely that watchOS 10 will support sensors for blood sugar levels, hydration, or blood pressure, it remains a possibility. These sensor technologies may still be a few years away. Gurman’s comments seem to support this.
  3. Deeper integration with the Apple ecosystem: Enhanced interoperability between the Apple Watch and other Apple devices is expected.
  4. Expanded third-party app offerings: Apple could promote the development of additional apps for the Apple Watch, resulting in a more diverse range of applications.
  5. Possibility of third-party watch faces: Will Apple finally permit non-native watch faces on their devices?
  6. Improved sleep tracking: The new watchOS may provide more in-depth insights and statistics related to sleep, such as a “sleep vs. need” metric, which quantifies the amount of sleep required for full recovery.

As with each watchOS release, support for older Apple Watch models may be phased out. It’s expected that the latest models will continue to receive updates. However, there is uncertainty regarding continued support for the Apple Watch Series 4 and the previous-generation Apple Watch SE.

Stay tuned to our coverage of Apple’s WWDC event for more information about watchOS 10. We will keep you updated on this and all the latest developments in Apple’s ecosystem.

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