The dawn of AI-powered wearables: Apple leads the way with Quartz

Apple is in the process of developing a health coaching service powered by artificial intelligence (AI), with a planned release set for next year. In addition to this groundbreaking initiative, the tech giant has plans to unveil a dedicated Health app for the iPad and an innovative emotion tracking tool.

Wearable tech companies embracing AI

In recent months, the world has witnessed an extraordinary surge in interest surrounding AI. The advent of ChatGPT has sparked a mini-revolution. It has led to a proliferation of new AI-based products and services across various industries. The wearable technology sector is no exception, as manufacturers recognize the immense potential for leveraging AI to enhance user experiences and drive innovation.

According to a Bloomberg article, Apple’s upcoming service will be dubbed “Quartz”. It intends to harness the power of AI and use data from the Apple Watch to deliver personalised coaching programmes suited to each user’s needs.

Quartz is not expected to be released this year, but should be out sometime in 2024. Details are very sketchy at the moment, but the service has the potential to change the way individuals approach their exercise, sleep, and nutrition habits.

The growth of AI in the wearable tech space is not limited to Apple’s offerings. Competitors are also exploring the possibilities of incorporating AI into their products. Zepp Health is one example with its AI coaching functionality for Amazfit watches. This surge in AI-driven wearables is expected to transform the market, giving rise to a new generation of devices that offer a seamless blend of performance, convenience, and customization.

iPad Health app, emotion tracker and more

Apple’s Quartz service, which is backed by a specialised app, is just one of several health-related initiatives mentioned in the Bloomberg article. Another endeavour is a version of the Health app created specifically for the iPad. It is expected to be made available with the release of iPadOS 17 in the Autumn. That should be a nice addition, as the larger display will allow for easier analysis of charts and trends.

Apple is also said to be working on a new emotion tracker, separate from the rumoured journaling app. There will also be some unique capabilities to help those with nearsightedness.

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These game-changing additions will add to Apple’s growing arsenal of health-focused technologies. The tech giant introduced a medicine tracking function last year. It also has a subscription-based Fitness Plus service, which updates its library with new routines on a regular basis.

The company’s health-focused features are expected to evolve in the near future beyond the Apple Watch. For example, the rumoured mixed reality headgear from the business is likely to be compatible with Fitness Plus and include a specialised meditation app. Apple is also thought to be developing advances in noninvasive blood glucose monitoring technology. However, it might be a few more years before that concept makes it into a real-world product.

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