Fossil’s Misfit move: Ending support and creating e-waste?

Fossil has discontinued support for Misfit watches, including essential functions such as time setting. If you are using one of the those watches and have the Misfit app installed, make sure not to delete it. Even if you are able to download the software from a mirror website, you will not be able to log in.

The news that Fossil no longer provides support for Misfit smartwatches and hybrid watches comes as a source of frustration for customers still using these devices. Users have turned to social media platforms in order to vent their frustration with the decision and look for alternative solutions to the problem.

Fossil acquired Misfit about 8 years ago. It purchased the business in order to gain access to its workforce and intellectual property.

Following the acquisition, Fossil made the decision to stop producing products under the Misfit brand. This has resulted in the current predicament with the smartphone software. Misfit watches were popular for their simple design and ease of use. They allow users to avoid the complications associated with Wear OS. The last Misfit watch released was back in August 2019, the Misfit Vapor X.

Misfit smartphone app support discontinued

Due to the fact that support has been discontinued, the Misfit app has been taken down from the app store. You are fine if you still have the software installed on your smartphone.

However, if you are switching phones you will not be able to set the app up. It means that they you will not be able to perform even vital operations like setting the time, rendering your timepiece worthless and causing technological trash. A workaround, of course, would be to transfer all your software and data from your old phone to your new one.

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According to Fossil, goods are taken off the market for a variety of reasons. This includes changing customer preferences, advancements in technology, and when the product has reached its full maturity. On the other hand, many users say that these reasons do not apply to hybrid watches. After all, they are designed to blend ancient technology with the capabilities of modern watches as evidenced by their traditional watch-hands.

A discount on new purchase – but is this enough?

In response to users’ complaints, Fossil has provided a discount of thirty percent on new watches. But doesn’t this go far enough? Some users have pointed out that this discount is actually only five percent. That’s considering the discount of twenty-five percent that you’d get if you sign up to Fossil’s email distribution list.

Even though people are finding this scenario to be extremely aggravating, from a business point of view, it is not completely unexpected. Maintaining an app is costly, and with a dead brand, there are no workers to continue producing necessary upgrades and adjustments to comply with app store standards.

In spite of this reasoning, many people who use Misfit watches feel cheated by Fossil’s decision to stop supporting the brand. It has left some of them with timepieces that they cannot use and no acceptable alternatives.

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Ivan Jovin

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6 thoughts on “Fossil’s Misfit move: Ending support and creating e-waste?

  • I am so upset over Fossil’s decision to blow off all the customers who bought Misfit trackers & watches. I have 2 smart watches, 3 Ray’s & several other products and they are now WORTHLESS.

    • Same here…!

    • I loved my Ray. Why buy the brand and then discontinue it with no options???

  • They should have either made the App source public domain, or spent a week making the app work standalone without cloud servers..
    It should be illegal to sell a product and cause it to not function by making it use cloud servers and then removing the cloud servers.

    • This would be so easy to do, too. Devices could be added again.

  • I bought and have used my tracker in good faith. Now FOSSIL have blown me off after my money has been taken. My Misfit was a great product and is now worthless. This is unacceptable … ripping off the consumer is what shonky companies do. I’m just disgusted, AND out of pocket !


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