Novel health features of Huawei Watch 4 unveiled in China

Huawei has introduced some novel health features in its Watch 4 series. This includes a blood sugar risk assessment function and micro-physical examination. The recent launch in China focused on the unveiling of these groundbreaking functionalities.

To remind, Huawei Watch 4 and a Pro version of the same were originally unveiled around 10 days ago at a European launch event. The main difference between the two iterations is to do with build. In our earlier article we covered the watches’ aesthetics, fitness features, battery life and price. This new article illuminates the novel health functionalities that Huawei launched in China.

Blood sugar risk assessment function

For starters, Huawei’s Watch 4 series offers a high blood sugar risk assessment function. This is a feature not available in the European model.

Built on the powerful Huawei TruSeenTM 5.0 technology, the watch integrates vital sign monitoring data from different states throughout the day and night. After a consistent wearing period of seven days or more, Watch 4 has the ability to detect the risk of hyperglycemia. The device also provides users with personalized advice based on their calculated risk level.

While not a comprehensive answer, Huawei’s innovation marks progress in the realm of blood sugar tracking. It offers users a non-intrusive method to keep tabs on their glycemic indices.

Individuals in China who want to take advantage of this function must participate in a glucose health study led by a credible third-party medical organization. The feature, being in its research phase, will initially have limited accessibility. It is still unclear whether the blood sugar risk assessment will be offered internationally. Presumably, this will be dependent on getting the necessary regulatory approvals.

Micro-physical examination function

Aside from the high blood sugar risk assessment, the Watch 4 series takes health monitoring to a new level with its micro-physical examination function. This feature promptly assesses ten vital health data points. On the list are heart rate, blood oxygen, pressure, body temperature, electrocardiogram, blood vessel elasticity, blood vessel risk screening, lung function assessment, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease risk screening, and lung infection risk screening.

After each assessment, the watch generates a micro-exam report on both the watch and app side simultaneously. Based on the health trend analysis, it periodically offers reminders.

Another thing that makes the Huawei Watch 4 series truly unique is its end-to-end smart health closed-loop services. The watch not only detects and reminds but also analyzes and provides health consultations, acting as a personal health coach right on your wrist.

These health functionalities are further complemented by the watch’s design. It is inspired by a circular dome and a spherical sapphire glass lens. Beyond that you get the watch’s support for ECG analysis, heart health research, vascular health research, and respiratory health research.

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The new health features unveiled in the China launch truly set Huawei Watch 4 and its Pro variant apart from the European model. This implies that watch is poised to become the zenith of health tracking wearables in the market. However, as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Only through practical applications and real-world evaluations can we truly gauge the efficacy of these advanced features.

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