The reintroduction of the bezel in Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, have surfaced online revealing a return of the rotating bezel. The timepiece, rumoured to be launched during the summer, is expected to come pre-installed with Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch OS—One UI 5 Watch.

A return of the rotating bezel

The 5K design renders come from MySmartPrice and leaker @OnLeaks. They suggest a return to the physical rotating bezel, a feature absent in the Watch 5 lineup, hinting at a blend of nostalgic design and modern technology. This reintroduction, if true, is a nod to the Classic model’s heritage, offering users a tactile and intuitive way to interact with their device.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

To remind, in 2022 Samsung deviated from its ‘Classic’ model, opting to introduce the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro instead. However, it appears a return to the ‘Classic’ lineage is on the cards, indicating a reversal in Samsung’s strategy.

The anticipated return of the rotating bezel will once again offer users a tactile way to engage with their smartwatch. By simply twisting the bezel left or right, users can zoom, select apps, traverse menus, adjust settings, and perform other functions. Additionally, the physical bezel serves a dual purpose. It provides a tangible response to user input while also acting as a safeguard for the display edges.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

A larger display

Previous rumours suggest that Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will feature a larger 1.47-inch screen. This is a slight increase from the 1.4-inch displays of its predecessors – the Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. This larger display could enhance user interaction, providing easier navigation and use. Additionally, the resolution of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is rumoured to be improved. This should allow for crisper visuals.

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Samsung’s new smartwatch is also speculated to be one of the first to run on the One UI 5 Watch OS, a major upgrade from its predecessor. This new operating system, a hybrid software developed in collaboration with Google, is expected to offer improved sleep management and fitness functions, providing users with a comprehensive health management experience.

Earlier release date

Despite the leaks, much remains unknown about the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. The unveiling of the upcoming timepiece might be on the horizon sooner than in previous years. Recent reports hint at the possibility of the next Samsung Unpacked event occurring towards the end of July, rather than the traditional mid-August timeframe.

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