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One UI 5 Watch & Google WearOS 4 to elevate Galaxy Watch experience

The One UI 5 Watch and Google’s upcoming WearOS 4 will redefine the Samsung Galaxy watch experience, with an emphasis on improved sleep tracking, fitness tools, and enhanced safety features.

Samsung’s One UI, a proprietary user interface for customising its devices, is no longer restricted to Galaxy phones and tablets. With Google expected to release WearOS 4 by the end of the year, several Samsung watches will receive the latest One UI Watch version at the same time.

Sleep monitoring, fitness tools, security enhancements

The Korean tech behemoth recently revealed key features of its upcoming One UI 5 Watch. This focuses on three user experience aspects: sleep monitoring, fitness tools, and security enhancements.

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To start with, Samsung is planning to introduce an improved Sleep Insights user interface for sleep tracking. It will provide users with a comprehensive understanding of their sleep patterns, complete with vital metrics. The new system will also encourage healthier habits with Sleep Coaching and better connectivity with SmartThings-compatible devices.

All of this reminds quite a bit of Fitbit’s sleep tracking features. Samsung has even added an animal icon, no doubt borrowed from Fitbit’s own Sleep Profile.

Samsung One UI 5 Watch

The next improvement will be additional features for runners. Samsung is planning to introduce personalised Heart Rate Zone information, along with running tools including real-time running analysis and tailored interval training schedules. The company is a bit late on this one, as most brands already have these types of features baked into their smartwatches. But as they say, better late than never.

Furthermore, the WearOS 4 platform is anticipated to incorporate additional fitness tracking features. This includes a few more swimming metrics and advanced workout suggestions

Samsung One UI 5 Watch

The final enhancement is to do with safety. OneUI 5 Watch will bring an upgraded SOS system that will allow direct communication with emergency contacts. This will be coupled with automatic fall detection for users aged 55 and up.

Samsung One UI 5 Watch

Which Samsung watches will get One UI 5 Watch and WearOS 4?

The obvious question for Samsung fans is to do with compatibility. The company has not said anything yet but it is reasonable to expect that the following timepieces will be compatible with the One UI 5 Watch and WearOS 4 updates:

  • Galaxy Watch 4
  • Classic Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
  • Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
  • Galaxy Watch 5

Furthermore, depending on Google’s timeline, the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series is expected to ship with WearOS 4 and One UI Watch 5 pre-installed, or to receive updates shortly after release. That series will, most likely, drop in August.

We expect the One UI 5 Watch beta version to become available for Watch 4 and Watch 5 users soon, perhaps by the end of this month. Samsung is yet to announce information on participating countries. Those not participating in the beta can expect to get Samsung’s next major Galaxy Watch update by the end of this year. Stay tuned for further updates.

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