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It’s official: Samsung’s Unpacked Event to unfold on 26th July

Samsung has prepared the platform for its upcoming major disclosure. As anticipated, the tech giant’s eagerly awaited “Unpacked” event is slated for July 26, 2023. Samsung has officially confirmed the date, sharing the news through several social media platforms.

The South Korean capital, Seoul, will host the gathering. For those not able to attend, the event will be streamed live on YouTube and Samsung’s official website. The presentation starts at 1 p.m. Central European time.

Here’s a picture of the event invite.

Samsung Unpacked invite

A number of product announcements are expected on the big day. This will, most likely, include the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, tentatively dubbed the “Z Flip 5”. On the teaser picture for the Unpacked event, a side representation of a foldable smartphone can already be seen. New models of the Samsung Galaxy Watch series, and new tablets in three different sizes are also expected.

The debut of Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and possibly Galaxy Ring

Of most interest to us will be the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series. It has already been the subject of a number of leaks and will come in a variety of sizes and editions. The Samsung Exynos W930 SoC is expected to power all models, promising improved performance over the current generation device.

The display of the Galaxy Watch 6 line will get a revamp as compared to the predecessor generation. Samsung will, reportedly, install larger OLED panels in its new smartwatches, which will be achieved by shrinking the edges. We even have a few leaked renders of the upcoming smartwatch which can be viewed on this link.

While detailed specifications and price points remain under wraps, leaked promotional visuals hint that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series might represent an incremental update over its predecessors. Naturally, this is all conjecture at this point. We won’t know for sure until the product is officially launched.

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In addition to the Galaxy Watch 6 series, Samsung is reportedly developing the Galaxy Ring, a smart ring. The device appears to have been mentioned in the most recent Samsung Health Beta. A “Feature List” page displays “Ring Support”, which is a reference previously non-existent.

The smart ring, which does not have a screen, has some advantages over smartwatches. This includes durability and proximity to the skin and certain nerve endings, which makes it suitable for health tracking.

The Unpacked event from Samsung is edging closer. No doubt, as July 27th approaches we shall learn more about the upcoming product launches.

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