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The Apple Watch Series 9 reveal: Mark September 12th in your calendar

Apple has started sending out invites for a September 12th launch event. The iPhone 15 is expected to take central stage. But we are also expecting the Watch Series 9, along with Ultra 2. This will probably be followed by the opening of pre-orders on the 15th, culminating in the official launch of the new watches on the 22nd.

The first fortnight of September has been a favoured window for Apple for a few years now, aligning with the close of its fiscal quarter. This pattern is continuing this year, despite whispers of manufacturing hiccups could lead to limited availability or a minor delay.

You’ll be able to watch the event on Apple’s website at 1pm on September 12th. This will probably be pre-recorded. The invite mentions the word “Wanderlust”. This is a play on the word which means “a strong desire to travel”.

Apple invite

So mark your calendar folks, the countdown begins.

What to expect: Apple’s upcoming smartwatches

Apple is widely expected to reveal three new watches in two weeks. The lineup includes the second generation of the Apple Watch Ultra and two versions of the Apple Watch Series 9. But it seems we will not get the SE3 this year.

The adventurer’s choice: Apple Watch Ultra 2

The Apple Watch Ultra, known for its appeal to adventure enthusiasts, is set for a refresh. At the moment, the specifics remain under wraps. But the second generation is anticipated to feature some new health and activity tracking capabilities, in line with Apple’s innovative trajectory. Rumors also hint at a larger 2.13-inch display, enhancing the viewing experience, though a shift to Micro LED may still be in the future.

Diversity in design: Two iterations of Series 9

Apple’s commitment to offering diverse watch sizes continues with two differently sized iterations of Series 9, likely in 41mm and 45mm. This approach caters to a broader audience but also means no Watch SE follow-up in 2023. Fans of the budget-friendly option may have to wait until 2024 for the SE3, along with the anticipated launch of Series X, marking a decade of Apple’s flagship wearable.

watchOS 10: A plethora of upgrades

Of course, there’s also the new software. Currently in Beta, the public release next version of the operating system, watchOS 10, is expected to land in mid-September. From new navigation methods to app redesigns and enhancements in cycling, hiking, mental, and vision health features, the update promises to elevate the Apple Watch experience.

Apple: A busy time ahead

Apple’s history of consistent evolution and refinement is evident in its watch offerings. From the original Series 0 to the present, each iteration has brought nice upgrades, moving closer to a comprehensive fitness tracking and wellness device. However, the question of battery life remains unanswered, with no rumours of significant improvements. Also, we are not expecting major news this year in terms of health sensor technology. So it will be more of an iterative upgrade.

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Apple’s upcoming lineup extends beyond wearables. Also expected are various MacBook models, third-generation AirPods Pro, and an upgraded Apple TV set-top box, all slated for late 2023 or early 2024.

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