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Unpacking the latest Amazfit T-Rex 2 firmware update: Version

Amazfit T-Rex 2 users, it’s time to hit the update button. Firmware version has landed, and it’s not just about bug fixes. This update brings a suite of new features and optimisations that elevate your smartwatch experience to a new level. Let’s delve into the specifics.

The software upgrade comes on the heels of the previous one, which introduced Zepp OS 2+ to the device. That one started rolling out in mid-August and was actually paused after a couple of weeks. At the time, the company cited user feedback as the reason for the postponement, aiming to further optimise the software for a better user experience. But things are obviously back on track now.

What’s new in firmware

Zepp Health says, if you’re already on version or higher, this update will be a quick one. It will optimise system stability, enhance performance and add a few new features.

For those on lower versions, make sure to set aside 20-30 minutes and keep the Zepp App active during the upgrade process. That’s because the update will upgrade you to the Zepp OS 2.1 system. And that’s not just a minor tweak. The user interface has been reimagined, making interactions smoother and more intuitive and there are a slew of upgrades.

Beyond that, firmware introduces a new Sleep Schedule feature that allows you to set up a sleep routine right from your wrist. It’s not just about tracking sleep; it’s about improving it.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 users will also get a Morning Update function which serves you a snapshot of your day when you wake up. Think of it as your personal assistant, discreetly tucked into your wrist.

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The workout mode for jumping rope gets a nice boost. Now you can track the maximum number of consecutive jumps and even the number of rope breaks. It’s time to take your workout sessions up a notch.

Moving on and the long-press button shortcut is a small but impactful addition. Customize it to quickly access your most-used features.

New trajectory scales have been added for motion tracking. Whether you’re hiking or cycling, you can now get more granular data on your routes.

Finally, there’s a new Real-Time Performance indicator. A bit like having a personal coach during your runs. It helps you gauge your physical condition in real-time, allowing for more effective workouts. Garmin sports watches have a similar function and it is very useful to help you pace yourself.

Finally, the update refines the statistics for personal sports records. This means your achievements are now recorded with greater accuracy, making each milestone even more rewarding.

Why this update matters

The update, with a file size of 6.47MB, is not just a routine software patch. It brings tangible improvements and new features that enrich the overall user experience. From sleep tracking to workout modes, the new software touches on various aspects that matter to users. And, of course, it will bring people who have not upgraded yet to version 2.1 of ZeppOS.

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