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User feedback halts Zepp OS 2.1 rollout for Amazfit T-Rex 2

Zepp Health has announced a delay in the rollout of its much-anticipated Zepp OS 2.1 upgrade for the T-Rex 2 watch. The update began rolling out on August 18th. Prior to that it was only available to a select group of Beta testers. The company cites user feedback as the reason for the postponement, aiming to further optimise the software for a better user experience.

A mixed bag of user experiences

While many users who have already updated their devices report no issues, a small fraction has experienced random reboots since the update. This discrepancy in user experiences could be the driving factor behind Zepp Health’s decision to delay the comprehensive upgrade. The company has not stated specifically what the problem is.

Here is the statement in full.

Zepp OS 2 delay

The update that was

Before the announcement, the Zepp OS 2.1 update promised a slew of enhancements, including adjustable layouts and color themes, as well as a richer mini-app ecosystem. These features aimed to make the Amazfit T-Rex 2 a more personalized and functional device. However, the delay puts a temporary halt on these improvements, at least until the company resolves the issues that have been reported.

With this announcement, it is unclear when the upgrade will be available. Given the mixed user feedback, some might consider the delay a prudent move, allowing Zepp Health to iron out any kinks before a broader rollout.

Looking ahead

Zepp Health has not provided a new timeline for the software upgrade, leaving users in a state of anticipation. This has so far been a gradual rollout, which has yet to reach users in the European area.

We see the company’s proactive approach to user feedback and optimization as a positive step. It shows a commitment to quality and user satisfaction, even if it means delaying gratification for eager users. Better to wait a few weeks longer for the new software than to face frustrations with an operating system which has bugs remaining.

This is not out of the ordinary. Fitbit, for example, had to delay features for its Fitbit OS 3.0 due to performance issues and user feedback. Garmin faced a similar situation when an update to its Fenix series led to GPS inaccuracies, prompting a temporary halt to the rollout. Suunto had to postpone an update for its Suunto 9 watch after users reported battery drain issues. These cases serve as a reminder that even in the specialized field of wearables, software updates are a delicate balancing act.

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Companies must weigh the excitement of new features against the potential for technical glitches, always with an eye on user experience. While not confirmed, the random reboots reported by a minority of users could be indicative of deeper software issues that Zepp Health needs to address. The company’s decision to delay could be a calculated move to prevent a larger-scale problem that could tarnish its reputation.

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2 thoughts on “User feedback halts Zepp OS 2.1 rollout for Amazfit T-Rex 2

  • When I bought amazfit I thought it includes the capability to check blood pressure because it has become common. When I checked further it has none, I was heartbroken. See the pissibility of including it through update please.

    • Watches can’t track blood pressure yet with any kind of precision. That’s why you won’t find an Apple Watch, Garmin, etc – that claims it can track blood pressure.


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