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Oops something went wrong, Garmin Connect is down

[Update to article below: things seem to be returning to normal 10 hours after the outage first occurred. Check your Garmin Connect app to see if it is back up in your region]

There is a huge server outage which has effected Garmin Connect users in many countries. Both the smartphone and website dashboard are not functioning at the moment. The company has not said anything official just yet.

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There are a few fixes you can do when your Garmin is not syncing. This includes restarting the device, updating the software, restarting the Bluetooth connection and more. However, none of these would have solved your problem in the last few hours as the problem is entirely at Garmin’s end.

Log into Garmin Connect and you’ll get the following message.

Garmin Connect down

Users reported they have been unable to sync their fitness trackers and smartwatches, log into the app or access the web dashboard. According to, the problem started appearing around 2pm London time.

Garmin Connect down

Now, technical faults do happen from time to time but this one is much bigger than usual. Also it has been a while since Garmin has had a large outage. This also brings back memories of the hacking of the company’s servers a few years back. But we hope its a simple server outage this time around.

The thing to remember when this happens is to keep calm. Delete the software on your phone and you’ll just be creating extra work for yourself. Just keep using your Garmin device as usual and leave the sync for when everything is up and running again.

These sorts of problems make you wonder why Garmin does not store a copy of all your data locally on your smartphone. But this seems to be the industry standard as most other companies do the same. Perhaps an effort to keep the size of the database on your local device as small as possible.

You can also check Garmin Connect status on this link. At the moment its indicating that Garmin Connect, LiveTrack, Activity Uplaods and Incident Detection & Assistance are down.

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15 thoughts on “Oops something went wrong, Garmin Connect is down

  • Garmin a des problèmes en ce moment. Le sav signale que le dernier firmware des fenix 5 plus occasionne une baisse excessive de la batterie. Perso en 30 minutes de vélo je perds 20% de batterie.

    • This definitely started earlier than 6am London time. When I finished my short lunch run here in Melbourne at 1:30pm, which is 4:30am London time, I couldn’t sync already.

  • I’m Japan user, I can’t connect also.

    • Surprising that the outage is lasting this long! It will be interesting to learn what happened.

      • Datacenter relocation??

        • Doubt it. They would have said something in advance.

  • “These sorts of problems make you wonder why Garmin does not store a copy of all your data locally on your smartphone.” There is no way that I would want all my Garmin data stored on my phone or any other device. I like services like Garmin because I can switch device at any time and all my data is up to date with zero storage costs to myself. I’ve got years of data on the Garmin servers.

    This is the first time that I’ve encountered a Garmin issue like this and I’m sure it will be fixed soon. I can live with a little downtime every couple of years.

    • Which doesn’t mean that Garmin couldn’t keep the data on the phone, and then periodically sync with the cloud.

      • Maybe not all of it but a good proportion of the data could sit on the phone. Or the user could get the option to download all their data and keep it safely stored somewhere!

  • Bonjour,
    Quelqu’un a-t-il de la visibilité sur le délai de rétablissement des services Garmin.
    Je dois partir en randonnée et ne peux pas charger mes parcours sur ma montre.
    Dommage, tant d’heures de planification pour rien !
    C’est frustrant, surtout sans aucune communication officielle !

  • Cool now I have to cancel my race because for whatever reason you can’t just send a route to your device via Bluetooth; you need to use their shitty Connect app which has been down for the last 3 or 4 days.

  • Reason for the meltdown: they just released “another” model. Now the line up is even more complicated and confusing the own servers don’t know how to deal with it.

  • Garmin is over, poor quality watches, super high prices, data that is useless, very bad pace measurement …

    • You can send me your poor quality, useless device, and I’ll give it a good home.


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