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Here’s what to do if your Garmin wearable is not syncing

Garmin is one of the best known names in the wearables space. If you’re after a quality sports watch or fitness tracker, you want go wrong with if you choose a Garmin. But things don’t always go smoothly and issues do arise. Here’s what to do if your Garmin wearable is not syncing to the smartphone app.

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One thing that all Garmin fitness trackers and smartwatches have in common is that they use the same smartphone software. Garmin Connect is probably not the best app out there, but it is one of the most comprehensive ones. Look hard enough and you’ll find the piece of data you are looking for. It might take a few clicks but it’s probably there.

My device of choice is the Forerunner 935. As great as the watch is, I do have sync issues from time to time.

You’ll know your wearable is playing nice with the app by looking at the sync ring. It will spin and a white line on the status ring will show progress. If the ring is greyed out it’s either finished syncing or not paired. To initiate a sync manually, simply pull down on the smartphone display. The green dot shows your device is connected.

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1) The first thing you should always try if your wearable refuses to sync is to make sure the Bluetooth on your smartphone is switched on. Another thing you can do is switch Bluetooth on your smartphone on and off. Do it a couple of times to see if it resolves the issue.

It should go without saying that your Garmin device needs to be in close vicinity to your smartphone in order for a Bluetooth connection to be made.

2) If the sync issue persists, the next thing you should try is closing and re-opening the app. Once is enough. Restarting your smartphone might also help. Give it a go.

3) Another troubleshooting tip, which actually works for me for a range of issues (such as a sport activity not uploading), is to restart your Garmin smartwatch or fitness tracker. For rechargeable devices without a power button, simply plug them into a USB port using the charging cable. This is as close to a restart as you will get with these wearables. Owners of Vivofit devices should skip this step entirely as their device cannot be power cycled.

4) The final suggestion is to remove and add the Garmin device to the Connect app. You should only try this as a last resort.

Hopefully one of these has worked for you. If not, your Garmin wearable might be faulty. Give Garmin Support a shout to see if they can do something.

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