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Amazfit T-Rex 2 update brings power meter connectivity & enhanced GPS

Amazfit’s T-Rex 2 smartwatch is getting another firmware update, the second in three months. This one introduces features such as external sensor support for cycling, advanced track navigation for winter sports, and enhancements in time-keeping accuracy and GPS functionality.

The T-Rex is a rugged companion built to withstand the harshest environments. With its military-grade durability, high-resolution display, and comprehensive health and fitness tracking capabilities, it caters to the needs of both outdoor adventurers and everyday users. Its long-lasting battery life and intuitive interface make it a reliable choice for those who demand both resilience and sophistication.

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This latest update comes on top of the September one that goes under the moniker The main improvements last time around were to do with a new Sleep Schedule and a Morning Update function. Beyond that the Real-Time Performance indicator is also worth noting. It helps you gauge your physical condition in real-time, allowing for more effective workouts. 

Exploring the November firmware update

Firmware update brings a few more features and optimisations to the T-Rex 2. Key among these is the support for external cycling power meters, a boon for cycling enthusiasts seeking to connect and utilize these devices for in-depth workout analysis.

This update also marks the introduction of track navigation for popular winter sports, including snowboarding, skiing, and cross-country skiing, enhancing safety and enjoyment for winter sports aficionados. Plus, the update improves the precision of time-related data, such as workout durations.

Alongside these new features, the firmware update packs a series of optimisations that refine the user experience. The GPS firmware has been upgraded, optimizing the tracking effectiveness during workouts. There is also an enhancement in user interaction, both on the data page prior to exercise and during workouts, making navigation more intuitive and efficient.

Other noteworthy optimisation is an improved reminder system for distance measurements during training. Plus there’s a more streamlined process for selecting and adding workouts from the extensive list available on the watch.

How to install

As always, this is a progressive rollout. So it will not reach all users at the same time.

Updating your Amazfit T-Rex 2 is a straightforward process. Connect your watch to the Zepp app on your smartphone and the software will automatically check for available updates. If the November update is available, you’ll receive a notification. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the files. The watch will take care of the rest, syncing and applying the update. Remember, keeping your device updated ensures optimal performance and access to the latest functionalities.

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