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Oppo’s upcoming round-dial smartwatch gets IMDA listing

While the Watch 4 Pro has already made its debut, a leak and recent IMDA listing suggest another Oppo timepiece is in the pipeline. There’s a possibility it could be the Oppo Watch 4 (round) or the Oppo Watch X.

Launched in China a couple of months ago, the Oppo Watch 4 Pro introduces a range of advanced health tracking features that set it apart from its predecessor. While the older Watch 3 Pro model offered standard sensors like accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, compass, barometer, and blood oxygen, the Watch 4 Pro takes it a step further. It comes equipped with 8-channel heart rate, 16-channel blood oxygen, wrist temperature, and ECG sensors.

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The Watch 4 Pro aims to offer a smartphone-like experience with its improved memory and performance. It comes with 2GB of operational memory and 32GB of storage. This is a significant upgrade from the 1GB RAM in the Watch 3 Pro. In terms of battery life, the device packs a 570mAh battery, slightly more than the 550mAh in its predecessor. The device promises a battery life of up to two weeks with light usage and fully charges in just over an hour. This makes it a reliable choice for users who prioritize longevity.

But we should soon be getting another Oppo watch.

The Mystery Device: Oppo Watch 4 (round) or Oppo Watch X?

A Oppo watch with the moniker “OWW231” has just hit the IMDA. This is the Singapore government regulatory agency. The only info that can be gathered from the filing is that the device will have BT,WIFI,NFC and GPS connectivity.

Oppo Watch round possible certification
Image source: IMDA

But info from a tipster going by the name MlgmXyysd a while ago suggests that this is an OPPO smartwatch featuring a round display. The upcoming device is expected to feature a dual-chip system, similar to the Watch 4 Pro, that includes the Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 and the BES 2700.

In terms of features, the speculative list is quite extensive. The device is anticipated to come with a double button and a crown, adding to its functional design. Health tracking features like an ECG and a blood oxygen tracker are also expected. As is a colorful Always-On Display (AOD). Additional functionalities like fist clench gestures and eSIM support round out what could be a highly versatile smartwatch.

As mentioned, this could be Oppo Watch Round. However, there is another possibility. The leaker states that the marketing name of the upcoming device is not actually known. And that these specs could be referring to the rumoured Opposite Watch X.

This takes us back to a design patent filed by Oppo for a smartwatch with a circular case and a 3D curved display. The filing, made public in September 2020, showcased three distinct designs: one similar to the existing Oppo Watch lineup, another with a square display aimed at slender wrists, and a third, more intriguing design featuring a 3D curved display and a crown. The patent confirms that Oppo is, indeed, exploring different form factors for its smartwatches.

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