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Time for trees with Amazfit Balance Special Edition

Zepp Health has launched the Amazfit Balance Special Edition earlier today, a timepiece that marries a nature-inspired design with a commitment to urban reforestation. This gadget is a great example of a worthy initiative – it is where technology meets eco-consciousness.

The new timepiece is available in four different hues: Woodland, Meadow, Lagoon, and Deep Sea Blue. Each color is a tribute to the natural world, a world that this smartwatch is actively striving to protect.

To support the cause, the company has ensured that even the packaging of this special edition is eco-friendly. Made entirely from biodegradable materials, the packaging is as integral to the sustainability narrative as the watch itself.

Helping urban reforestation projects

Zepp Health has partnered with One Tree Planted for this initiative. A portion of the proceeds from each sale of the Amazfit Balance Special Edition goes towards urban reforestation projects. This initiative is crucial in the face of increasing urbanization and deforestation. Urban green spaces are vital for improving air quality and enhancing mental health. Studies have demonstrated that such areas can reduce air pollution by up to 15% and significantly lower stress levels in residents.

Amazfit Balance Special Edition

This initiative is particularly important, considering that urban areas are facing alarming rates of deforestation. According to the World Bank, urban areas are set to triple in size between 2000 and 2030, highlighting the need for sustainable urban planning and green spaces.

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The launch of this special edition was celebrated in collaboration with Siciliano Contemporary Ballet. In an event that transformed a Berlin store into an ‘Amazfit Wellness Wonderland,’ dancers equipped with the Balance watches showcased the watch’s capabilities in tracking physical exertion, turning the launch into a fusion of art, technology, and sustainability. Ordinary passers-by will be able to enjoy the show between December 7th and 9th.

Amazfit Balance Special Edition

Price, availability

The watch itself is packed with all the innovative features of its classic counterpart. It is designed to be your personal health and wellness companion, tracking everything from physical and mental fatigue to key health parameters. In fact, Amazfit Balance is one of the most feature-packed members of Zepp Health’s smartwatch range. Plus, it runs on ZeppOS 3, the latest edition of the company’s operating system.

The Amazfit Balance Special Edition is available globally, including through the official Amazfit website and authorized partners. The watch is priced at €250, a small price to pay for a piece of technology that’s helping to breathe life back into our cities.

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