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Vantage V3 firmware 1.2.5: Polar fixes ECG glitch

The Polar Vantage V3, renowned for its sophisticated design and multifaceted features, has just received a useful firmware update. This software, version 1.2.5, addresses several key issues that users have encountered, marking a step in refining the overall user experience.

Before delving into the details of the update, let’s revisit the Vantage V3 itself. This watch stands out with its sleek design, robust build, and a plethora of features tailored for the avid athlete. It offers comprehensive tracking capabilities, including heart rate monitoring, skin temperature tracking, blood oxygen level, detailed sleep and recovery tracking, multi-band GNSS, and a unique ECG feature. This is coupled with additional functionality such as offline maps, a virtual flashlight and more.

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However, like any sophisticated piece of technology, Vantage V3 is not without its quirks and challenges,. Some of these are being addressed in this latest firmware update.

Firmware update: Key improvements

The primary focus of this software refresh is on enhancing stability and resolving specific bugs that have affected users’ experience. So there is no new functionality:

  1. Crash Fixes and stability improvements: The update rectifies an issue causing occasional crashes and resets, a significant hurdle for users relying on the watch for continuous tracking.
  2. ECG graph display issue: Users reported problems with the ECG graph not displaying correctly during tests. This firmware release resolves this glitch, ensuring accurate and visible ECG readings.
  3. Other minor updates and bug fixes: Alongside these major fixes, the update includes several minor adjustments and bug fixes, contributing to a smoother and more reliable performance.

No doubt, the highlight here is the ECG fix. However, it’s worth noting once again – the ECG feature on the Vantage V3 is not recognised as medically accurate. This means it does not provide medically validated atrial fibrillation detection, unlike some competitors. This is likely a strategic decision by Polar possibly aimed to avoid regulatory delays from bodies like the FDA, allowing faster implementation of the feature. Its White Papers show pretty good accuracy of the ECG that can be found on the V3.

Addressing the optical heart rate (OHR) issue

A notable concern among users remains. It has to do with the accuracy of the optical heart rate sensor that some users have reported. Unfortunately, a fix is not part of this update. However, Polar has acknowledged this issue and is working on a solution. In the meantime, we recommend those experiencing discrepancies to pair their watch with a chest strap, such as the H10 or OH1. This would allow for more accurate heart rate tracking during exercise.

Installing the update

To install this firmware update, users can connect their Vantage V3 to their mobile device through the Polar Flow app or sync it with a computer using FlowSync. The process is straightforward, ensuring that it is easy to upgrade the device. As always, this is a progressive rollout. So not everyone will receive it at the same time.

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