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Amazfit Balance: firmware update brings a winter sports spin

The Amazfit Balance smartwatch, already a nifty gadget on your wrist, just got cooler with its latest firmware update. It goes by version number This software refresh enhances its capabilities in winter sports tracking and offers a new feature for runners.

Installing the update is as breezy as a walk in the park. Just ensure your Amazfit Balance is connected to the Zepp app on your smartphone. The app should automatically notify you about the new firmware. Tap on the update notification, and let the magic happen. It usually doesn’t take too long.

A focus on winter sports

The software has arrived just in time for the winter season in the US and Europe. And other Zepp Health watches have been getting updates to support with activity for this time of the year. Now its Amazfit Balance’s turn.

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The new firmware brings a new dimension to skiing, snowboarding, and downhill skiing. Next time you’re swooshing down a slope, your watch should be smart enough to detect every downhill thrill, without you having to press a button. The update adds data dimensions such as Maximum Downhill Gradient, Average Downhill Angle, and Downhill Duration.

To access this, just navigate through your watch to Skiing > Settings > More and enable Auto Detection.

But wait, there’s more! The update is more than just about pleasing the snow gods. Runners, you’re in for a boost too. The Zepp Coach feature now supports 3KM race plans, in addition to the other options.

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To get started, go to the Zepp App, select Workout, and kickstart a new plan under Enhancing running performance. It’s a nifty way to up your running game without actually having to chase after anything, except maybe your personal best.

Amazfit Balance winter sports update

The Amazfit Balance is a recent addition to the Zepp Health range. Running on Zepp OS 3 and packed with health and fitness goodies, it is designed for the fitness-conscious and tech-savvy. Plus it has some unique functionality such as the ability to estimate your body composition.

The latest firmware update is 12.84MB in size. There are reports in Europe of users getting the new software. As always, this is a gradual rollout so if you haven’t received it yet it’s worth trying again tomorrow.

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