Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro vs Amazfit Bip 5

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Pro vs Amazfit Bip 5: compared

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Pro and the Amazfit Bip 5, were both launched in August 2023. But that’s not all they have in common.

These devices represent recent efforts by Xiaomi and Zepp Health (Amazfit’s parent company) to capture the attention of a diverse user base. One is marketed as a fitness band, the other a smartwatch. In reality, though, they are a combination of the two.

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This comparison will provide you with an overview an how they compare. Read on to learn about their similarities and differences.

Key takeaways

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Pro and Amazfit Bip 5 offer comparable health and fitness tracking features, each with its unique design appeal. The first provides a better display and water resistance, the second a larger screen. Priced similarly, they provide excellent value for money. With so little between them, the choice hinges on personal preferences for design, display, and specific functionalities.

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Pro vs Amazfit Bip 5: Hardware

Look & feel

The Mi Smart Band 8 Pro features a curved, rectangular design that blends the line between a traditional fitness band and a smartwatch. Its case is made from high-strength fibre polymer. This is paired with a TPU wristband, which speaks to its durability and comfort for all-day wear. In contrast, the Amazfit Bip 5 opts for a square, curved shape, giving it a more classic smartwatch appearance. It uses a plastic body with a silicone strap, prioritizing lightweight comfort without compromising on resilience.

A notable difference is in the physical interface. The Mi Band 8 Pro has a sleek, button-free design, relying entirely on its touchscreen interface. The Bip 5, on the other hand, includes a single physical button, potentially offering a quicker way to access certain features.

Display, water-resistance, colour options

The display types also differ. The Mi Band 8 Pro boasts a 1.74-inch AMOLED screen, known for vibrant colors and deep blacks, whereas the Bip 5 features a larger 1.91-inch TFT-LCD display, which is practical and energy-efficient, though it might not match the AMOLED’s vibrancy.

Both devices offer a range of color options. The Mi Band 8 Pro can be picked up in Black and Grey, and the Bip 5 in Soft Black, Cream White, and Pastel Pink.

In terms of water resistance, the Mi Band 8 Pro takes the lead. That one is rated at 5 ATM, indicating a higher resistance to water and making it suitable for swimming and other water-related activities. The Bip 5, with its IP68 rating, provides standard protection against dust and water splashes.

Sensor technology

As far as sensor technology, the Mi Band 8 Pro is equipped with a 6-axis sensor, including a low power-consumption 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, a PPG heart rate sensor, SpO2, and an ambient light sensor. This tech offers comprehensive tracking capabilities, from basic fitness metrics to detailed health monitoring. Additionally, it supports GPS, Galileo, Glonass, and QZSS for precise location tracking, enhancing its utility for outdoor activities. However, it lacks a built-in speaker, a feature present in the Bip 5, which also includes a microphone for voice commands and calls.

The Amazfit Bip 5, powered by Zepp OS 2.0 has a similar set of health and fitness sensors. This includes a BioTracker PPG sensor for heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen level measurement. The device also features an accelerometer and a gyro sensor, enhancing its capability to track various physical activities accurately. For connectivity, the Bip 5 supports GPS, Galileo, Glonass, and Beidou, ensuring reliable location tracking across different regions.

Battery life

Xiaomi fitness bands are known for excellent battery life. The Mi Band 8 Pro, with its 289mAh battery, offers an impressive 14 days of usage on a single charge. With the always-on display feature activated you can expect around 6 days. This endurance is facilitated by its efficient power management and the inclusion of a magnetic charger for quick recharging.

On the other hand, the Amazfit Bip 5, equipped with a 300mAh battery, provides a versatile battery life that adapts to usage patterns. You can expect up to 10 days under typical usage and 5 days for heavy usage. In battery saver mode the timepiece will keep ticking for up to 26 days.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Pro vs Amazfit Bip 5: Technical specs

Here’s a detailed tech specs comparison table for the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Pro and the Amazfit Bip 5:

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Pro
Amazfit Bip 5
Release Date
August 2023
August 2023
Case Material
High strength fibre polymer, TPU wristband
Plastic body and a silicone strap
Number of Physical Buttons
Curved, rectangular
Square, curved
46 x 33.35 x 9.99 mm
45.94 x 38.09 x 11.2 mm
Display Type
AMOLED, 2.5D slightly curved glass cover
TFT-LCD (2.5D glass with an anti-fingerprint coating)
336 x 480 pixels
320 × 380 pixels
Screen Size
1.74 inch
1.91 inches
Weight (without strap)
22.5 grams
26 grams
6-axis sensor (3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope), PPG heart rate sensor, SpO2, ambient light sensor
Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate (BioTracker PPG), blood oxygen
GPS, Galileo, Glonass, QZSS
Built-in Speaker
China only
Music Storage
Bluetooth 5.3
Cellular Connectivity
Battery Type
289 mAh
300 mAh
Battery Life
14 days with normal use
Up to 10 days typical usage; up to 5 days heavy usage; up to 26 days battery saver mode
Operating System
Zepp OS 2.+
Black, Grey
Soft Black, Cream White, Pastel Pink
Typical RRP

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Pro vs Amazfit Bip 5: Features

Both devices are adept at providing essential health metrics such as heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen level measurement, ensuring users have access to vital health information. The one notable omission is an altimeter for counting floors climbed. Neither device has this. If that’s what you are after, look elsewhere.

The devices also perform well for sports tracking. They offer multiple workout modes, catering to both common exercises and specific fitness routines. This makes the duo versatile tools for fitness lovers who are keen on monitoring their workout progress and health metrics simultaneously. The choice between the two would largely depend on user preference for brand, design, and additional features, as their health and fitness tracking capabilities are quite comparable.

Smartwatch-type features

Beyond health and fitness, Mi Smart Band 8 Pro provides some essential smartwatch features. It includes a voice assistant for hands-free commands, camera and music controls for convenience, and smart notifications to keep the user connected. The inclusion of a flashlight and weather updates adds to its utility, making it a practical choice for everyday use. Also there’s NFC for contactless payments. However, this is only for the Chinese region.

The Bip 5 takes a step further in smartwatch capabilities. It not only includes a voice assistant and smart notifications but also offers Bluetooth call compatibility, thanks to its built-in microphone and speaker. This feature allows users to handle calls directly from their wrist, a significant convenience for those who prefer to stay connected without constantly reaching for their phone. Additionally, the Bip 5’s support for downloadable apps and games, powered by Zepp OS 2.0, transforms it into a more interactive and engaging device, offering entertainment and utility beyond fitness tracking.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Pro vs Amazfit Bip 5: Price

In terms of pricing, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Pro and the Amazfit Bip 5 are positioned similarly in the market. As of their release in August 2023, Xiaomi is priced at around $75. The Amazfit Bip 5, on the other hand, can be picked up for $90.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 8 Pro vs Amazfit Bip 5: Final thoughts

Each of these two options offers a blend of health and fitness tracking capabilities, housed in designs that reflect their respective brand philosophies. The Mi Smart Band 8 Pro, with its sleek, button-free look and AMOLED display, leans towards a modern, minimalist aesthetic. In contrast, the Amazfit Bip 5, featuring a classic smartwatch shape and a larger TFT-LCD screen, appeals to those who prefer a more traditional watch experience combined with smart features.

With so little between them, the choice boils down to personal preference in design, display quality, and specific feature sets. Considering their similar pricing, both devices stand out as strong contenders in the budget-friendly segment of the wearable market, offering value and versatility to a wide range of users.

View on Amazfit / Xiaomi; View on Amazon (Amazfit Bip 5).

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