Mobvoi Ticwatch 5 Pro vs Amazfit Balance

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 5 vs Amazfit Balance: differences explained

In this side-by-side comparison we pit the Amazfit Balance versus Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5. Launched in August 2023 and May 2023 respectively, these watches cater to a broad spectrum of users, from those seeking a comprehensive wellness companion to those demanding detailed tracking capabilities.

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Read on as we explore the duo’s design, functionality, health and fitness features, and overall value. Is one of these right for you? Hopefully this info will help.

Key takeaways

The Amazfit Balance offers a comprehensive wellness experience with unique features like the Readiness Score and body composition analysis, appealing to those seeking a balanced lifestyle. Its light design and AI-driven services enhance its role as a lifestyle companion. The slightly more expensive Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 also excels in health and fitness tracking. Its integration of Wear OS 3 and an advanced chipset makes the TicWatch Pro 5 arguably the best Wear OS watch available.

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Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 vs Amazfit Balance: Hardware

Look & feel

Starting with their shape, both watches embrace a round design, a nod to traditional watch styles. However, the Amazfit Balance is more compact and lighter, measuring 46 x 46 x 10.6 mm and weighing 35 grams. This makes it ideal for those who prefer a less obtrusive presence on the wrist.

In contrast, the TicWatch Pro 5 is bulkier at 50.15 x 48 x 12.2 mm and heavier at 44.35 grams. It caters to users who don’t mind a more substantial watch. Those after a masculine looking timepiece will feel right at home.

The build materials of these watches also differ significantly. The Amazfit Balance combines an aluminum alloy middle frame with a fiber-reinforced polymer bottom shell, striking a balance between durability and comfort. The TicWatch Pro 5 opts for a more robust approach. It features aerospace-grade aluminum and a surgical-level metal bezel, protected by chip-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. This construction not only enhances durability but also adds a premium feel.

In terms of physical buttons, the Amazfit Balance offers two, providing straightforward navigation. One of these is a rotating crown. The TicWatch Pro 5 also offers this combination, so no real difference there.

Display, colour options, water resistance

Display-wise, both watches boast AMOLED screens, known for their vibrant colors and sharp visuals. The Amazfit Balance has a slightly larger 1.5-inch display. Meanwhile, the TicWatch Pro 5’s 1.43-inch screen features a dual-layer display technology, which is beneficial for battery conservation. When you are not actively using the device it reverts to the Ultra Low Power Display. This is something no other device on the market offers – at least not in this form.

Color options are another area of divergence. The Amazfit Balance keeps it simple with two choices: Midnight and Sunset Grey. The TicWatch Pro 5 offers more variety.

Lastly, both watches are equipped with 5 ATM water resistance. This makes them suitable for activities like swimming and jogging in the rain. This feature is crucial for users who demand versatility and durability from their wearable tech.

Sensor technology

Under the hood, the Amazfit Balance boasts the BioTracker 5.0 PPG biometric sensor, which includes 8 photodiodes and 2 LED lights, offering advanced heart rate monitoring. Additionally, it features a BIA Bioelectric Impedance Sensor, providing insights into body composition. The watch is also equipped with a 3-axis acceleration sensor, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, air pressure sensor, temperature sensor, and an ambient light sensor, making it a comprehensive tool for fitness and environmental monitoring. For positioning, it utilizes a circularly-polarized GPS antenna and supports dual-band positioning with access to six satellite positioning systems, ensuring accurate location tracking.

The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5, on the other hand, includes a PPG heart rate sensor and SpO2 sensor for monitoring blood oxygen levels. It also comes with an accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, skin temperature sensor and compass, providing a wide range of motion and environmental data. An off-body sensor adds to its smart capabilities. For GPS connectivity, the TicWatch Pro 5 supports multiple systems including GPS, Beidou, Glonass, Galileo, and QZSS, ensuring reliable and precise location tracking.

Both smartwatches offer NFC capabilities, allowing for convenient contactless payments, a feature that’s becoming increasingly important in the modern, digital world. When it comes to music storage, the Amazfit Balance provides a dedicated space with a maximum capacity of 2.3GB, allowing users to store their favourite tracks directly on the watch. The TicWatch Pro 5 also supports music storage.

Battery life

The Amazfit Balance and Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 both offer impressive battery life, but with distinct features and performance. The Amazfit Balance, with its 475 mAh battery, provides up to 14 days of typical usage, extending to 25 days in saver mode. This longevity is ideal for users seeking a balance between functionality and battery conservation. It is largely the result of a lightweight operating system.

In contrast, the TicWatch Pro 5, powered by a 628 mAh battery, excels in WearOS battery performance. It offers up to 80 hours in Smart Mode and an astounding 45 days in Essential Mode. This remarkable endurance, even under heavy usage, positions the TicWatch Pro 5 as a standout choice for those requiring prolonged battery life on a WearOS device.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 vs Amazfit Balance: Technical specs

Here’s a detailed tech specs comparison table for the Amazfit Balance and Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5:

Amazfit Balance
Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5
Release Date
August 2023
May 2023
Case Material
Aluminum alloy middle frame, Fiber-reinforced polymer bottom shell
Main shell made from aerospace-grade aluminum and surgical-level metal bezel. Screen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, fluoro-rubber strap, rotating crown, MIL-STD-810H
Physical Buttons
1 rotating crown + 1 flat button
1 rotating crown + 1 flat button
46 x 46 x 10.6 mm
50.15 x 48 x 12.2 mm
Display Type
AMOLED Screen with Tempered glass + anti-fingerprint coating
Dual-layer display with Evolved Ultra Low Power Display (ULP Display)
480 x 480 pixels
466 x 466 pixels
Screen Size
1.5 inch
1.43 inch
Weight (without strap)
35 grams
44.35 grams
BioTracker 5.0 PPG biometric sensor (8PD + 2LED), BIA Bioelectric Impedance Sensor, 3-axis acceleration sensor, Gyroscope, Geomagnetic sensor, Air pressure sensor, Temperature sensor, Ambient light sensor
PPG heart rate sensor, SpO2, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, skin temperature, compass, Off-body sensor
Circularly-polarized GPS antenna, Dual-band positioning, 6 satellite positioning systems
GPS, Beidou, Glonass, Galileo, QZSS
Built-in Speaker
Music Storage
Yes (max storage space for music is 2.3GB)
WLAN 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.0 & BLE
Bluetooth: 5.2 / Wi-Fi: 802.11bgn 2.4GHz
Cellular Connectivity
Battery Type
628 mAh Li-po
Battery Life
14 days in normal mode. 24 days in Battery Saver Mode, 26 hours in Accuracy GPS Mode.
Smart Mode: up to 80 hours. Essential Mode: up to 45 days. 65% charge achieved in 30 minutes. Wireless charging – fast charge technology (30 mins for 65% battery).
Operating System
Zepp OS 3.+
Wear OS 3.+
Midnight, Sunset Grey
Five 24mm watch bands: “Go Wild” silicone bands in Jungle Green, Bonfire Orange, and Twilight Blue, “Go Urban” genuine leather bands in Tuxedo Black and Smart Casual Blue
Typical RRP
Starting at $230

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 vs Amazfit Balance: Features

The Amazfit Balance focuses on a holistic approach to wellness. It introduces features like the Readiness Score, which assesses your physical and mental preparedness for the day based on sleep indicators and expert research. This feature is akin to wellness metrics found in Garmin watches and Fitbits. The Balance also offers AI-driven wellness services through Zepp Aura, providing personalized sleep guidance and relaxation tools. A standout feature is its ability to measure body composition metrics directly from the wrist, including body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, and more, offering a comprehensive health snapshot. This is complemented by the option to connect to the Amazfit Body Composition Analyzer Mat for a more detailed analysis.

In contrast, the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 excels in providing a robust array of health tracking features, including continuous 24-hour heart rate monitoring and the ability to detect various cardiac arrhythmias in real-time. It also offers a quick health checkup feature, delivering five vital health metrics in under 90 seconds. The TicWatch Pro 5 includes over 100 professional workout modes, with some featuring auto-recognition, and impresses with its accurate heart rate tracking and GPS connectivity, even in built-up areas. However, it lacks heart rate variability data, a metric increasingly common in contemporary smartwatches.

Smartwatch-type features

For smartwatch-type features, both watches offer unique experiences. The Amazfit Balance runs on Zepp OS 3.0 and includes Zepp Pay for contactless payments.

The TicWatch Pro 5, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 Wearable Platform, runs on Google’s Wear OS 3. This OS provides a smooth and intuitive user experience, including features like Google Wallet for contactless payments, media playback management, independent Spotify playback, and Google Maps navigation. The TicWatch Pro 5 also offers a range of customization options, although it lacks Google Assistant, a feature available in some other Wear OS watches.

Mobvoi TicWatch 5 Pro

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 5 vs Amazfit Balance: Price

In terms of pricing, the Amazfit Balance is available at a starting price of $250, positioning it as a mid-range option in the smartwatch market. The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5, priced at $350, sits in the mid to high range. Considering its robust feature set, impressive performance, and exceptional battery life, the TicWatch Pro 5 offers good value for its price point.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 vs Amazfit Balance: Final thoughts

The Amazfit Balance is tailored for those seeking a holistic approach to wellness, offering innovative features like the Readiness Score and body composition measurements, making it a lifestyle companion beyond just fitness tracking. Its lightweight design and AI-driven wellness services add to its appeal for users focused on a balanced lifestyle.

On the other hand, the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 is a powerhouse in health and fitness tracking. It stands out with its robust array of health features, over 100 workout modes, and impressive GPS connectivity, making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts who demand detailed and accurate tracking. The TicWatch Pro 5’s use of Wear OS 3 and advanced chipset also positions it as a strong contender for those who value a seamless smartwatch experience.

View on Amazfit; Mobvoi (Amazfit Balance, TicWatch Pro 5).

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