Glucose monitoring reimagined: Ultrahuman M1 Live now available in the US

Are you looking to take control of your health and fitness? The innovative Ultrahuman M1 Live is now available in the United States, offering real-time glucose monitoring to help you fine-tune your diet and improve your overall well-being.

What is Ultrahuman M1 Live?

The Ultrahuman M1 Live stands out by offering real-time glucose monitoring, a feature that allows users to track their blood glucose levels continuously. This capability is crucial for understanding how different foods affect one’s body, enabling the customization of diets for optimal health outcomes. The device uses a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) sensor that pairs with NFC-enabled smartphones, ensuring seamless data transfer and analysis.

Each sensor lasts for 14 days and is designed for single use, ensuring accurate and hygienic monitoring. The application process is straightforward and minimally invasive, likened to the sensation of an ant bite, with a tiny filament remaining under the skin to measure glucose levels. This design allows users to engage in daily activities, including bathing, swimming, and exercising, without interference.

Optimizing your diet with real-time data

Ultrahuman M1 Live is more than just a glucose tracker. It’s a comprehensive platform that helps you discover the ideal foods for your body. The platform analyzes your glucose responses, generating tailored insights to help you understand which foods cause energy spikes and crashes. Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your diet for stable energy, improved focus, and better metabolic health.

The package includes access to a vast library of digital content, including over 1000 hours of fitness and recovery masterclasses, and a vibrant community of over 5000 active members. Users also get the opportunity to interact with certified Performance Coaches, enhancing the platform’s utility by providing guidance tailored to individual metabolic fitness journeys.

Reddit reviews: Real-world experiences

We have not had a chance to test out Ultrahuman M1 Live yet. But the device has been generating a buzz within online communities like Reddit.

Users praise the device’s ease of use and the wealth of actionable data it provides. One commenter stated, “The M1 Live has fundamentally changed how I think about food. I now understand how certain meals affect my energy levels for hours afterward.”

Others noted that the app’s insights helped them identify hidden triggers causing glucose spikes and adjust their diet accordingly. Users also appreciate the expert support available from Performance Coaches within the Ultrahuman platform. One user notes “you get 95% of the benefit of these devices in the first month or so and I’m not sure they are worth the sensor cost long term”.

Ultrahuman M1 Live
Image source: Ultrahuman

Key features and FAQs

For those considering the Ultrahuman M1 Live, here’s a breakdown of important information:

  • Sensor: A small, water-resistant sensor is worn on the back of the upper arm for up to 14 days.
  • NFC Compatibility: Your smartphone must be NFC-enabled to pair with the sensor.
  • No Finger Pricks: M1 Live eliminates the need for routine finger-prick blood glucose tests.
  • Expert Guidance: Access expert Performance Coaches within the app for personalized support.

Ultrahuman Ring Air: A complement to M1 Live

Ultrahuman offers another intriguing wearable device, the Ultrahuman Ring Air. We recently published a hands-on review of the intelligent ring, finding it to be an excellent tool for tracking sleep patterns, heart rate variability (HRV), and body temperature. Used in conjunction with the M1 Live, you gain an even more complete picture of your metabolic health and how various factors influence your overall well-being.

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Pricing plans for Ultrahuman M1 Live start at $100 for two weeks of tracking. This climbs to $150 for a full month. You can check out all the features, availability and current pricing on the manufacturer’s website.

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