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Zepp OS 3.5 and Zepp Flow rollout schedule revealed

Zepp Health has unveiled the upcoming rollout of Zepp OS 3.5 and the Zepp Flow assistant for select Amazfit smartwatches at MWC in Barcelona. This update promises enhanced features, improved user experiences, and the introduction of a new voice assistant for compatible devices. Let’s dive into the schedule and what’s new with this update.

Who’s getting the update, and when?

Zepp OS 3.5, along with Zepp Flow, is set to be supported on the Amazfit Balance in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Republic of Ireland through a firmware update on February 26th.

Users in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain will have to wait a little longer, with the update becoming available on May 1st.

Furthermore, the rollout will extend to the Amazfit Cheetah series, Amazfit Falcon, and Amazfit T-Rex Ultra, starting from May 28th through until June 11th.

The Amazfit Active is slated for an upgrade on June 20th, rounding off the list of devices set to receive this significant update.

Most likely, users will not receive Zepp OS 3.5 an exactly the stated dates. Companies typically gradually roll such software updates. So it may take a few days for this to reach everyone.

Interestingly, some Amazfit Balance users have already begun receiving the update ahead of schedule. This indicates an eagerness from the manufacturer to deploy these enhancements to its user base. This early rollout suggests that the updates are ready and that the company is confident in the stability and new features of Zepp OS 3.5.

Here’s the image from the presentation.

ZeppOS 3.5 rollout
ZeppOS 3.5 rollout schedule

What’s New with Zepp OS 3.5?

The Zepp OS 3.5 update introduces a range of features designed to enhance outdoor navigation and convenience. Offline maps and ski resort navigation functionality empower users to explore without constant reliance on their smartphone. Image message syncing from apps like WhatsApp streamlines communication, allowing users to view visual content directly on their watch.

Zepp OS 3.5 also focuses on improving health and fitness insights. Enhanced tracking for breathing training and meditation exercises, alongside readiness monitoring tools, provide a more holistic view of the user’s physical state. These features offer guidance for workout optimization and recovery planning. Additionally, the update includes accuracy improvements in heart rate monitoring and body composition algorithms. Finally, users also get refinements to schedules, tasks, and alarms for a more streamlined experience.

The Curious case of the GTR 4

Curiously, the Amazfit GTR 4 is not on the list of devices scheduled to receive the Zepp OS 3.5 update. This omission is particularly surprising considering that the GTR 4 was one of the first watches to be upgraded to Zepp OS 3.0. The GTR 4, known for its stylish design and comprehensive health and fitness tracking features, would seemingly be an ideal candidate for the latest software enhancements. It is seen as the Amazfit Balance predecessor.

The reasons behind the exclusion of the GTR 4 from the Zepp OS 3.5 update schedule remain unclear. It could be due to technical challenges or strategic decisions. Or perhaps the device will receive the update at a later date not yet announced.

A step forward in Amazfit’s evolution

As the rollout of Zepp OS 3.5 begins, users of compatible Amazfit devices can look forward to experiencing the new features and improvements that this update promises. These enhancements, along with the rollout schedule, demonstrate a commitment to both existing and potential customers. As always, with software updates, it’s advisable to wait for official announcements and user feedback before upgrading to ensure a smooth transition.

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