Oppo Watch X: A new hope for WearOS?

Oppo has officially launched Watch X, signalling a promising return to the Wear OS ecosystem. The wearable is identical, pretty much in every aspect, to the OnePlus Watch 2 that was unveiled at MWC in Barcelona.

The similarity should come as no surprise. Oppo and OnePlus are both subsidiaries of the Chinese conglomerate BBK Electronics. While they operate as separate brands, they often share resources, technologies, and even design elements. This relationship leads to similarities in their products, which can be seen in the very similar designs of the Oppo Watch X and OnePlus Watch 2.

Months prior to this announcement, a mysterious IMDA listing hinted at a new Oppo smartwatch, speculated to be either the Oppo Watch 4 (round) or the Oppo Watch X. It is clear now that the listing was for the latter.

Oppo Watch X: Elegance meets functionality

Watch X features a sleek, flat circular display and a premium metallic chassis that extends subtly past the hardware buttons. On-board is a 1.43 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels. This is definitely a vibrant and visually appealing wearable. The device emerges in two elegant finishes, Platinum Black and Mars Brown. Both are equipped with silicone watch bands.

Oppo Watch X teaser

This device packs a punch! It boasts a unique dual-chip system, like the Watch 4 Pro, featuring the mighty Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 and the BES 2700 for a perfect balance of performance and energy saving. The real kicker? Expect a whopping 100 hours of smart mode usage – impressive for a full-fledged WearOS watch.

As far as features, they are extensive. You can check out our detailed piece on OnePlus Watch 2 for a full recap. As mentioned, apart from the branding – the two watches are identical.

A boon for WearOS: Fossil’s departure and Oppo’s entry

The introduction of the Oppo Watch X comes at a pivotal moment for the Wear OS ecosystem. Especially in light of Fossil’s recent announcement to exit the smartwatch market. Fossil’s departure, after years of being a stalwart supporter of Wear OS, could have left a void in the platform’s diversity and innovation. However, Oppo’s entry with the Watch X injects a fresh wave of enthusiasm and potential for growth within the Wear OS community.

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The Oppo Watch X debuts in Malaysia priced at MYR 1,399 ($295), with sales starting March 2nd. Global availability will be announced by the company soon.

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