Unpacking the Amazfit Analyzer Mat: More data, better results?

Want to go beyond simple weight tracking and get an in-depth look at your body’s health? Amazfit has just launched its Body Composition Analyzer Mat in France and Italy, and it’s designed to help you understand your fitness.

What information does it provide?

The Amazfit Body Composition Analyzer Mat utilizes cutting-edge Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). This established method sends safe, low-level electrical currents through the body to estimate various health metrics. While BIA offers valuable insights, it’s important to acknowledge that its accuracy can be influenced by factors like hydration levels and recent meals.

Unlike a typical smart scale you won’t get your weight. But the mat unlocks a wealth of information including:

  • Body Fat Percentage: Get a clearer picture of your overall health beyond just weight.
  • Muscle Mass: Build strength and track your training progress.
  • Water Percentage: Understand your hydration levels, crucial for performance.
  • Bone Mass: Monitor skeletal health.
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): Discover how many calories you burn at rest, tailoring your diet accordingly.
  • And more!
Amazfit Analyzer Mat

It only works with the Amazfit Balance watch

What you will need, in order for this to work, is an Amazfit Balance watch. The timepice already measures these metrics for your upper body, and now the mat tackles the lower body. The mat actually plugs into the watch via the charging unit! By combining data from the smartwatch with measurements from the mat, a more holistic picture of body composition emerges.

Amazfit Analyzer Mat

All of this information flows straight into the accompanying app. You’ll see clear visuals of your body composition, how it’s trending over time, and tailored recommendations for improvement.

We previously wrote a detailed piece on how to take a body composition reading on the Amazfit Balance watch. The jist of it is that you first need to ensure you have updated your personal information in the Zepp smartphone app. Clean the watch’s buttons and electrodes and make sure the watch fits snugly on your wrist, about a finger’s width from your wrist bone.

Next, find the Body Composition app on your watch and confirm that your weight information is accurate. Stand tall with your arms raised, then extend the arm wearing the watch forward with your palm facing upwards. Place your middle and ring fingers on the watch’s two side buttons, ensuring your hands or arms don’t touch each other. Remain still for a few seconds as the watch completes the reading. Your results will be displayed on the watch and can also be viewed in the Zepp app.

Price and availability

Currently available in France and Italy for €39.90, the Body Composition Analyzer Mat’s limited distribution strategy might restrict wider accessibility for the time being. Additionally, while the product offers enhanced tracking capabilities, Amazfit clarifies that it’s not a medical device.

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We’re on the fence about this product. It sounds intriguing, and the price is reasonable. However, at price point you could get a basic smart scale. In fact, Zepp Health sells an Amazfit smart scale that is in that price range. The Analyzer Mat’s main advantage seems to be its portability – you can easily fold it and pack it for travel. Beyond that, though, it’s unclear what significant benefits it offers compared to existing smart scales.

Source: Amazfit

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